EXILE” Nesmith too intimate “baseball game date” with a blonde woman. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

EXILE” Nesmith too intimate “baseball game date” with a blonde woman.

Huddling together and talking, hitting each other with cheering goods. ......

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Nesmith and Leora watch the game behind the back net at Jingu Stadium. They were leaning close to each other and talking about something.

It was a day in early June, when it had not yet reached sweltering heat. A day game between the Yakult Swallows and the Seibu Lions was being held at Jingu Stadium in Meiji Jingu Gaien, Tokyo. There was a pair of man and woman cheering enthusiastically behind the back net of the nearly packed stadium. The man was a singer and dancer belonging to “EXILE” and others. The man is NESMITH (38), a singer and dancer who belongs to “EXILE” and other groups.

NESMITH seems to be an avid Yakult fan, and I have seen him at Jingu Stadium before. But on this particular day, a blonde woman was sitting next to him, and the two of them seemed to be enjoying cheering each other on. They were banging each other with cheering goods and even huddled together in the middle of the game talking to each other,” said a customer who was there.

Nesmith’s “date to the baseball game” was with Leo, a female singer who belongs to the same LDH JAPAN. Nesmith’s “baseball game date” was with Leola (age undisclosed), a female singer who also belongs to LDH JAPAN.

Leola is a talented singer who made her debut in 2004. Both Leola and Nesmith are from Kumamoto Prefecture, and they performed together in a Kumamoto earthquake reconstruction support song titled “Sarukoyo” released at the end of 2008.

(Sports paper reporter) If they are from the same office and hometown, it is not surprising that they are “close” to each other. We spoke to their agency, LDH.

It is true that they went to Jingu Stadium that day. However, they were not there alone, but with friends to watch the game. Both of them are from Kumamoto and are senior and junior in the office. They are very close friends, as they hold various events in Kumamoto.”

However, according to the aforementioned customer, “They were flirting and looked like a couple. In an interview when the Kumamoto support song mentioned above was released, they called each other “Leora” and “Mr. Ness. It is hard to believe that they are mere “friends,” but …….

Watching the game with a serious expression on their faces. They were disguised in hats and sunglasses, but they still stood out. By the way, Yakult won the game.
EXILE” NESMITH’s too intimate “baseball game date” with a blonde woman.
EXILE” NESMITH on a too intimate “baseball game date” with a blonde woman.

From “FRIDAY” July 15, 2022 issue

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