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Kamen Rider Revisited: Lady Aguilera is living with an evil hero!

Tokusatsu Scoop! A very popular Sentai actor won over a supernova who has descended into the world of gravure!

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Asakura returned from an outing at 7:00 p.m. on June 22. He often leaves a change of clothes in his room or goes out in light clothes.

One night in June, when the archipelago was screaming in the record-breaking heat wave. A darkly dressed woman in a black one-piece dress and a black cap with a black eyelet stopped in front of a cozy apartment, took out her keys from her bag, and entered the room. A short time later, this time a beautiful woman with round glasses and a short cut entered the room. This was not the start of a girls’ night out. It is here that the “Queen of Evil” and the “Hero of Evil” compete night after night.

The “dark-clad beauty” is Yui Asakura (26), who plays the role of Aguilera, the queen of the devil-worshipping organization Deadman’s in “Kamen Rider Revise” (TV Asahi). The “short-cut beauty” is not a woman, but Ryo Sekoguchi (25), who played Stacy, the son of an executive of the evil dynasty Tojitendo in “Kikai Sentai ZENKAIJAR,” also broadcast on TV Asahi.

The two, who gained popularity as beautiful villains, went beyond the framework of the show to create “GRACIAS! A special effects expert said, “They started their love affair last fall. As far as this magazine has been able to determine, the “private collaboration” was at least three times a week. It would be safe to say that they were living together half the time. We directly interviewed Sekoguchi.

–You are dating Asakura-san, aren’t you?

No, we are not dating!

–I saw Asakura-san visiting Sekoguchi-san’s house several times.

We are very close as a family. We knew each other before I entered the business.

Their agency, LIBERA, did not deny the sleepover, but responded, “We usually talk about our common activities and problems.

They are good friends with whom we usually discuss common activities and problems. There was a malicious stalking case at Asakura’s home and she was having difficulty returning home, and Sekoguchi was consulting with her.”

If that is the case, he should have stayed at a hotel rather than staying at Sekoguchi’s house, which seems to be a one-room apartment with a rent of about 100,000 yen. …… What was more interesting was that another beautiful woman visited Asakura’s room while he was on location in the countryside.

She said, “I didn’t stay over. My family is in and out (of my house) too,” Sekoguchi denied.

Sekoguchi denied it, but would Lady Aguilera forgive him? The Queen of Evil would never allow it, would she?

When interviewed by this magazine, Sekoguchi denied any romantic feelings. He says, “I met her through my mother, and we happened to be in the same office.” ……

From the July 15, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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