A CDP lawmaker invited by the LDP points out! “The election of the president is wrong for all of us. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A CDP lawmaker invited by the LDP points out! “The election of the president is wrong for all of us.

"Rikken member Hiroyuki Konishi, a "hot man," appeals for "politics for the people.

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In the elevator of the House of Representatives, I met a certain professor who is a candidate for the presidential election, and after we had a goofy conversation, he said, “I want you in my party (LDP) as a brain. (From Twitter.

Konishi is a 49-year-old bureaucrat who jumped into politics. “He has a strong desire to change politics.

On the morning of the 22nd, it was Hiroyuki Konishi, a member of the House of Councillors of the Constitutional Democratic Party, who suddenly set the world abuzz with his tweet. Just by posting the words “presidential election,” he reportedly received a flood of inquiries from various quarters. When we asked Konishi about the truth behind his “scouting” and the policies that the presidential candidate would pursue…

“First of all, I think this presidential election can only be described as a farce. The LDP presidential election 17 I read carefully the opinions of each candidate released on the day of the announcement of the LDP presidential election on March 17, and I was astonished at how they could appeal to the LDP and the public with such contents when the possibility of a sixth wave of a new type of corona has been pointed out this winter.

Konishi, whose father was a first-class handicapped person, has focused his political activities on medical and welfare administration, and is said to be a “passionate man” who has been extremely harsh in his criticism of the Kan administration’s measures against the new coronas.

He is said to be a “passionate man.” The biggest theme of the election for the presidency will be the future measures against corona and the state of society in relation to corona, but he says that the measures taken by each candidate against corona are “full of holes.

Corona measures of the candidates for president are a mess

“Kono distributed pulse oximeters with a communication function to corona patients undergoing treatment at home. “Kono has said only that he will distribute pulse oximeters with communication functions to corona patients undergoing treatment at home, that doctors will rush to their homes in case of sudden changes in their condition, and that the government will massively distribute antigen test kits.

However, the tragedy we experienced in the fifth wave is that right next to the patients whose pulse oximeter readings were at life-threatening levels, doctors and paramedics could not admit them to the hospital even though they tried their best to call dozens of hospitals. The hospital was also understaffed, and there were few doctors who could rush to the hospital when the patient’s condition suddenly changed.

And why are they promoting antigen testing, which has inferior testing capabilities, and not actively conductingPCRtesting? Mr. Kono’s measures against coronas are a repeat of the Kan administration. Now we can say, ‘We hope that Taro Kono will be able to handle coronas in Japan’s country. The fact that he boldly states, “I want Taro Kono to be in charge of Japan’s response to corona, and I want to leave it to his ability to carry it out,” shows nothing but his fearlessness. It is an urgent task to secure doctors and nurses and prevent the collapse of medical care.

The September 9 announcement by the “New Corona Task Force” clearly states that there is a possibility of a sixth wave of infection spreading into the winter. The Kono plan, which relies on medical equipment and does not rebuild the inspection system, points out that a situation in which a state of emergency has to be declared again is expected. Kono is not the only one who says that the corona countermeasures are terrible.

“Kishida’s plan is next to nothing. He just says things like, ‘I need the public’s cooperation, so I’ll explain it myself. Mr. Takaichi is just talking about minimizing the number of deaths and serious injuries, but he has no idea how to prevent coronary patients from dying or becoming seriously ill.

The only one who has any substance is Mr. Noda, who advocates the establishment of temporary hospitals and hospital beds, which he calls sub-hospitals.

From the point of view of Konishi, who dropped out of medical school and worked at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry via the University of Tokyo, these “policies” have no principles or effectiveness and are all a farce.

In the midst of the “presidential election show,” the opposition parties are

The LDP presidential election has now turned into a major political show. Perhaps the daily coverage of the election has become a commercial for the LDP, and the party is beginning to regain the support it lost during the Kan administration.

The last presidential election, which marked the transition of power from the Abe administration to the Kan administration, was a mere “ceremony,” but this time, it is certainly intriguing to see who will win the prime minister’s seat. Moreover, a “dream team” has been formed, consisting of Kono, Ishiba, and the popular Shinjiro Koizumi, who were regularly ranked first and second as the most suitable candidates for the next prime minister. Their opponents are former Prime Minister Abe, the most powerful man in the country. It’s a slugfest. On the other hand, the opposition parties are coming up with policies one after another in preparation for the upcoming lower house election.

In response to a “scout” in the Diet building, Konishi declared, “I appreciate your kind words, but I don’t know what to do.

“I appreciate your kind words, but I will never join the LDP.

The race for the presidency began with Kan’s announcement that he would not run for president. While there was plenty of time to make a decision, the candidates who put themselves forward for the post were so lousy in their policies on corona, social security, the economy, and security and foreign policy. Even if you are not a member of the opposition party, you may want to give them a three-and-a-half-word speech. The vote will be cast on the 29th.

  • Interview and writing Takashi Hashimoto

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