Revelation on Kaho, Tsuyoshi, & Sari Ito’s Love Stories for First Half of the year | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Revelation on Kaho, Tsuyoshi, & Sari Ito’s Love Stories for First Half of the year

Ayame Tsuyoshi's new girlfriend, Sari Ito, 18 years old, living together, etc.

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The year 2022 is almost around the corner! Review of the year’s hottest love stories!

Kaho (30) ♡ Black Cat Chelsea Daichi Watanabe (31) March 11

After eating at a popular Chinese restaurant, the two walked slowly down a back street, shoulder to shoulder, and returned to Kaho’s home.In mid-February, actress Kaho (30) was walking tipsily out of a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo, with Daichi Watanabe (31) of the popular band ”Black Cat Chelsea”standing next to her. Watanabe is also active as an actor. The two played together as a couple in a movie released in 2019 and developed a romantic relationship. The next day, the two were seen driving comfortably along the Seaside Line in Odawara (Kanagawa Prefecture). Watanabe happily chatted with Kaho, who was relaxing, enjoying the time alone with her.

Sari Ito (28) ♡ Ryuta Horai (46) Apr. 29

Wearing similar black-and-white coordinates, the two headed to a nearby sushi restaurant. On the way to the restaurant, they were smiling and talking all the way.I was like, “Oh, seriously. So this is what it’s like, I was so surprised!” In early April, actress Sari Ito (28) answered this magazine’s direct question with a laugh as she came out of a sushi restaurant in Tokyo with popular screenwriter and director Horai Ryuta (46). However, soon after, a shocking turn of events occurred. Ito responded to the concerned voices by saying, “Really. Please be warm and watch over us. Ito is doing very well.”

Ayame Goriki (29) ♡ Haruki Hirayama (37) January 28

After seeing a movie at the Roppongi Hills, they headed for the parking lot. On the way, they bought ice cream at a supermarket and headed for his house.Last March, Ayame Goriki (29) ended her great love affair with businessman Yusaku Maezawa (46), whom she thought was seconds away from marriage. Her new romance was caught in January. She appeared at a movie theater in Roppongi (Minato-ku) wearing a mini-skirt and long boots, and Haruki Kiyama (37), an international musical star, was next to her. After midnight, the two finished watching the movie, got into KIYAMA’s car, stopped at a supermarket, and disappeared hand in hand to his room. It will be interesting to see how this hot love story unfolds.

HIKOROHI (32) ♡ Former comedian, Dec. 31

Hiko Lohi talks with a former comedian while picking up yakiton (grilled pork dumplings). She didn’t mind the stares of those around her.On a midwinter weekend, a man who looked like a wild version of actor Tamaki Hiroshi and popular female comedian Hikorohi (32) were spotted at a yakitori restaurant in Nakano, Tokyo. The two were happily chatting over yakiton (grilled pork dumplings). When we later asked her directly, she told us that the man was a former comedian who was her junior, and that he had just joined another senior for drinks after this. According to her, “I usually go on dates in Minami-Aoyama or Omotesando wearing amazing dresses and so on. Please call me when you do.

Lalande NISHIDA (27) ♡ 3 years older beautiful woman Jan 7/14 issue

After 9 p.m., Nishida and her girlfriend were heading home with shopping bags in their arms. Surprisingly, they were full of happiness.
Nishida (27) of the comedy duo “Lalande” is attracting more attention for the “scrappiness” of his personal life than for his main job as a comedian. One evening, he was caught on a walking date with a beautiful female office worker, S. Nishida, who lives with Ms. S at her home and pays all living expenses with her own money, said directly to this magazine, “It’s not about money, is it? It’s free love, isn’t it? He said he went to her parents’ house afterwards to say hello, but he still has her pay his rent. As one would expect from the king of “trashy comedians”!From the May 20-27, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY
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