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The Sharp Eyes of Korea’s New First Lady, Nicknamed “Laser Eyes

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Mrs. Kim visited the famous temple, Sukenji, on May 3. The skirt she was wearing at that time (about 5,500 yen) was sold out on the Internet (Image: Jiji Press)

A man lifted his glass to drink. The man lifted his glass to drink, and the woman beside him looked at him with a meaningful gaze. The man felt her eyes on him and gently lowered his glass.

This video has become the talk of the town in South Korea. The images show the presidential inauguration dinner held on May 10 at the guest house of the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. The new president, Yun Suk-yeol (Yun Sung-yeol, 61), was drinking alcohol, looking good. First Lady Kim Gong-hee (49), who was standing next to him, threw a sharp look at him. Then President Yun was shown as if to stop him from drinking.

The look from Mrs. Kim was dubbed the ‘laser eye stare’ and became a hot topic of conversation on the Internet. She was probably warning President Yun against drinking too much,” he said. Kim’s repeated chiding of President Yun has been seen on many occasions. At the inauguration ceremony held on the same day as the dinner, she gently tugged on President Yun’s sode, which was a little too fast.

Lee Jun-suk, a representative of the ruling party “People’s Power,” appeared on an information program of the South Korean TV station MBN and gently denied Mrs. Kim’s “laser eyes.

It was probably just a coincidence that the camera caught Mrs. Kim’s suggestive expression. There was no alcohol in the reception hall. President Yun usually drinks stronger alcohol. I don’t think Mrs. Yoon was too worried.

The fan site has 90,000 members.

Regardless of its authenticity, the “laser eyes” episode is probably an indication of the high level of attention paid to Mrs. Kim. Last December, a fan site called “Gongsarang (Love)” was even launched. The number of members was initially around 30,000, but has grown to over 90,000 since Yun assumed the presidency.

Whenever one of Mrs. Kim’s favorite products is introduced on Instagram or other social media, it immediately sells out. On mail-order sites, searches for “Kim Jian-ki sandals,” “Kim Jian-ki skirt,” and “Kim Jian-ki glasses” have become trending words. All of these are relatively inexpensive items priced at a few thousand yen, and they are popular among the general public despite the fact that she is the wife of the president.

It is not only Mrs. Kim’s belongings that are inundated with orders. Simple loafers without shoelaces, which Mrs. Kim is said to have selected for President Yun at a department store, have also become very popular. The orders poured in, and the manufacturer’s website went down on the server,” she said.

What is behind Mrs. Kim’s sudden surge in popularity?

The “laser eye” is a symbolic event, but perhaps it is not President Yun but Mrs. Kim who is in charge. Mrs. Kim is also a well-known painter and a woman of talent. She is also known as a painter and is a woman of great talent, and her firm words and actions as First Lady, such as her husband’s taunting, may be contributing to her growing popularity.

In the newly inaugurated Yun administration, Mrs. Kim’s influence is rapidly increasing.

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