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Adult “Ai” is qualified to live in love

Thinking about "Adult Love" - Sanae Kameyama Report

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Former Japanese women’s table tennis player Ai Fukuhara, 33, has been in the spotlight since she married Taiwanese table tennis player Jiang Hongjie in 2016 and had two children with him, but in March 2021, she was found to be dating a married man, leading to an affair. It was said that their disagreement was caused by moral harassment by her husband and in-laws, but the affair turned sympathy into condemnation. Then, in July of last year, the Japanese-Taiwanese ping-pong couple divorced.

Ai, who used to be a “crybaby,” has grown up. Ai Fukuhara’s “thrusting love,” which even has a bewitching charm, is now refreshing Photo: Yohei Nagata/Afro Sports

Is it irresponsible to be a mother?

Although she has “joint custody” of the children, she is actually living with her ex-husband in Taiwan, and it seems that she hardly sees them.

Irresponsible for a mother.”

Although some have criticized her for this, it does not seem particularly “irresponsible” to consider the well-being and interests of the children, who were born in Taiwan and are now living with their father and his family.

Above all, “Ai-chan” must have a romantic nature. When she was young, she even had an imposing hand-holding date with tennis player Nishikori. Perhaps she is the type who goes straight ahead when she falls in love.

Whether she is married or has children, once she falls in love, she can’t stop. There are those types of people. There are people like that.

Fall in love, no matter how many times it takes.

In this “affair,” the other man is now divorced. The situation has subsided since both are now single, but now the man’s ex-wife has come out and revealed that an article claiming that their relationship began after the divorce was incorrect, and it has become a topic of conversation once again.

In the meantime, she has been an associate professor at Aomori University since last fall and has been the GM of World Table Tennis Japan since January of this year.

Ai” has been holding a racket since she was 3 years and 9 months old, and became a professional at the age of 10. Table tennis has become a popular sport largely due to her presence, which has been closely followed by the media and projected throughout Japan since she was a small child. The athlete known to everyone was “the pretty girl in the family” to everyone. Therefore, when it came to adultery and mudslinging, her image was tarnished in one fell swoop.

However, “Ai-chan” is now 33 years old. She has experienced marriage, childbirth, and divorce, and is an adult woman who has experienced both the sweet and sour sides of life. Moreover, she has the mental strength that she has cultivated through her long career in a single sport. Even if she is bashed, she probably does not mind it that much.

In May, the Taiwanese media reported that she had sold the luxury condominium in Taiwan where she lived with her husband. The price was 30 million yen less than when she bought it, but she must have had a good reason to sell it.

It is highly likely that she will choose to walk away with the man in question in the future. But what if she falls in love again? Then I hope she will go straight through love again. No, I think she will go through with it. I hope she will be honest about her feelings, without worrying about how the world perceives her.

That cute “Crying Mouse Ai-chan” is no more.

That cute “Crying Mouse Ai-chan” is no longer with us. It is disrespectful to her that we cling to the illusion of her as a young girl forever. She is already running as an “adult woman in love.

When I look at a recent photograph of Ai Fukuhara, I am struck by the fact that her innocent smile is so bewitching. Her innocent smile has turned into a bewitching smile. I think that the environment she is in now is a freedom that she has finally obtained after overcoming various pains and conflicts since her childhood. If that is the case, I hope that she will run as fast as she can as a woman, more freely and uninhibitedly. She has that much charm and a certain magic.

  • Interview and text by Sanae Kameyama Sanae Kameyama Photo Yohei Nagata/Afro Sports

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