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Shugakukan High School Soccer Club’s Video of Assault Went Viral!

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Shugakukan High School has been in the news due to the leaked video of the assault of the soccer coach. We had no idea that even the principal would become a topic of conversation on the Internet (from the official website).

A video of a male coach of the private Shugakukan High School soccer team in Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture, assaulting a member of the team was spread on SNS, causing it to go viral. Later, the students who were the victims posted a video on the official Twitter page of the soccer club apologizing for their actions.

The video of the members of the soccer club, one of the strongest schools in the prefecture, apologizing in public was posted on the official Twitter page. The students themselves said, “Please spread the word,” but the video was later deleted after it became viral on the Internet.

On the 25th, the director of the soccer club appeared on the morning information program “Sukkiri” (NTV). Although he apologized for his actions, he seemed to defend the coach who did the assault, and the uproar does not seem to be subsiding.

With such attention on Shugakukan High School, the school’s name became a trending topic on social networking sites. However, the Internet is said to be abuzz with other topics besides the coach’s assault.

“I saw that the corporal punishment of Shugakukan High School’s soccer team was trending, so I looked at the school’s official Facebook page and wondered what kind of a bad system the school had, and found that even before corporal punishment, the principal had a disease that would kill him if he didn’t hold hands with a female student.

I was afraid that the principal would die if he didn’t hold hands with a female student before corporal punishment. It’s just so unnatural. When they become high school students, even their fathers won’t have this much skinship with them.”

and so on. Photos published on the school’s Facebook page, including an elderly man who appears to be the principal holding hands with several female students as he goes up to the stage, holding the hands of several female students on the sofa for a photo, and holding several female students one by one, have been posted on social media and have become a topic of conversation.

The school’s Facebook page was full of photos of the female students being hugged one by one. Some of the students being hugged clearly looked confused.

We wonder if any of the teachers around the school are able to warn the principal of this unbelievable behavior. I wonder if the parents condone this skinship of the principal, but the internet is abuzz with this distance.”

Shugakukan High School attracted nationwide attention due to the video of the assault of the soccer coach. It may have been unforeseen that even the principal would be the topic of conversation…

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