Alice Hirose, Ayase, Kimutaku… Actors starring in April dramas with “full aura” appearance | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Alice Hirose, Ayase, Kimutaku… Actors starring in April dramas with “full aura” appearance

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Alice Hirose to Star in Two Dramas Simultaneously

Actress Alice Hirose (27) has been extremely busy.

She has appeared in commercials for five different companies this year, and in April she starred in two TV dramas, “Love is Too Early: Spring Trick Return Festival” (Fuji TV) and “Detective is Too Early: Spring Trick Return Festival” (NTV). (Fuji TV) and “Tantei ga Haya Sukeri: Spring Trick Return Festival” (NTV) in April. It is highly unusual for him to be starring in two dramas at the same time. In addition, he is scheduled to appear in next year’s NHK historical drama “Dousuru Ieyasu. Her schedule is said to be very busy.

Why is Hirose so useful in dramas?

She is good at creating ‘beloved characters’ with comical expressions. It is actresses like Alice who are valued in today’s commercial dramas. Her character is uninhibited. Her positive character has broadened her range and improved her acting skills. For a while, her younger sister Suzu’s popularity prevailed, but now her sister is gaining momentum”.

Perhaps due to her busy schedule, Hirose has announced that she will not perform on stage due to her poor health, and we are waiting for her to return to the stage as soon as possible.

150 extras mobilized

Haruka Ayase, wearing a bright red jacket, walks briskly on location for “My Ex’s Last Will and Testament.

On weekdays, Marunouchi in Tokyo is packed with office workers. On Saturday, the area was sparsely populated, but Haruka Ayase, 36, was walking briskly through the business district in a bright red jacket.

She was filming for the Gekkan 9 drama “Goto no Isanbutsu Shikan” (Fuji Television Network). More than 150 large extras are sometimes mobilized for location shooting. Based on the book of the same name, which won the grand prize at the “This Mystery is Amazing! The novel of the same title won the grand prize at the “This Mystery is Amazing!

Ms. Ayase plays the main character, Reiko, a good-looking and talented lawyer. The mysterious client who conspires with her to obtain the inheritance of Reiko’s ex-boyfriend is played by Hiroshi Oizumi. Ms. Ayase, who plays the lawyer, is very careful about taking care of her legs as she has to walk in high heels in many scenes,” said a production company employee.

Other works include “Kaseifu no Mitazono” (TV Asahi), “Sustained Love? (TBS), and “Mirai e no 10 koku (10 counts to the future)” (TV Asahi).

The leading actors in “Mitazono” include Masahiro Matsuoka (45), Juri Ueno (35) in “Sustained Love,” and Takuya Kimura (49) in “10 Count. The first episode of “The Testament of My Ex” and “10 Count” recorded double-digit viewer ratings and are generally doing well,” said an employee of a private key station.

A parade of works with rich contents. It seems that there will be no boredom in front of the TV this spring.

The “Sustainable Love? Juri Ueno makes a mad dash for the location of the film!
Masahiro Matsuoka was shopping in a pitch-black shirt, hat, and mask.
Kou Shibasaki co-stars with Issei Takahashi in “Invisible” (TBS).
Takuya Kimura (left, his wife, Shizuka Kudo), whose “10 Counts to the Future” got off to a good start.
Tao Tsuchiya in “Yangonokake no Ichizoku” (Fuji TV).
Tomohisa Yamashita starred in NHK’s “Masanao Fudosan
Fuka Koshiba is the heroine in “Yokai Share House” (TV Asahi) (right: Kento Nakajima, who co-starred in last summer’s drama)
Mio Imada plays the lead role in “Bad Girl” (NTV) for the first time.
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