Nozomi Sasaki’s “tight-fitting one-piece dress” brings fans joy! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nozomi Sasaki’s “tight-fitting one-piece dress” brings fans joy!

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Nozomi Sasaki during her attendance at a film festival (AFLO)

Actress and model Nozomi Sasaki has been getting a lot of attention for her long beige skirt dress she wore on her Instagram account. “It’s a great look for you,” she said. “It’s so beautiful,” “You look amazing,” “It’s an act of God,” “I love it,” and other comments of praise poured in. and 54,000 likes.

Sasaki wrote in her post, “My clothes. It’s a regular thing for her to post her personal outfit on Instagram, and many of her fans have been waiting for this post. This time she wore a beige long skirt dress with a green J&M DAVIDSON bag and brown shoes by AKIKO KIZU x Daniella & GEMMA, giving her an autumnal look. The crucifix necklace on her chest shines brightly, and her curvaceous figure is impressive.

She posted two photos of herself in this outfit, the first showing her whole body, with a lightly clenched fist on her head and a “What? The first is a full-body shot of her with her fist lightly clenched on her head. The second photo is a closer shot than the first, and shows Sasaki in profile. The second photo is closer than the first, and you can see Sasaki’s face in profile, which looks like a woman in a painting.

The dress that Sasaki is wearing this time is from her own fashion brand “iNtimite”. The concept of the brand is “loungewear that allows you to go outside without changing,” and the official website says, “This is one-mile wear that you can’t find anywhere else and that you’ll want to use for years to come. They have just recently announced their fall/winter collection for 2021.

According to the website, Sasaki’s dress is believed to be a “Waist Rib One-piece” and is priced at 27,500 yen. According to the website, Sasaki’s dress is believed to be a “Waist Rib One-piece,” priced at 27,500 yen, and “the ribbed waist accentuates the dress.

Sasaki is busy with her acting career on stage and in dramas, but she also continues to promote her brand as a billboard. Fans are touched by the way she continues to do her best to support her family. Take a break once in a while. ……!?

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