The overwhelming smiles of Satomi Ishihara, Ayako Kato, and Eiko Koike at a “girls’ night out”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The overwhelming smiles of Satomi Ishihara, Ayako Kato, and Eiko Koike at a “girls’ night out”!

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After finishing her meal, Satomi Ishihara came out of the restaurant and left on foot while chatting with some women who looked like her friends.

In December last year, actress Satomi Ishihara (34) was seen at a Chinese restaurant in Nogizaka, Tokyo, where you can get a full meal for 3,000 yen. Two months ago, she announced her marriage to an ordinary man. I thought she was enjoying an ordinary date with her husband ……, but two hours later, she came out of the restaurant and next to her were several women. They must have been having a girls’ night out to celebrate their wedding. Ishihara walked down the street with a smile on her face.

Actresses and female announcers are good friends. The new coronavirus is spreading. The new coronavirus has spread, and it has become more difficult to get together, but they have been attending events together, eating together, and drinking together. The following are the shots of celebrity “girls’ night out” caught by this magazine. It also reveals their unexpected friendships.

Posing in front of reporters

Kanna Mori, Becky and Asami Mizukawa. The three are such good friends that they even went to a Katy Perry concert together. They agreed to be photographed by this magazine with a smile.

“Well, well, well… I get it now! Let’s get a cute shot!

Our Harikomi reporter spotted Becky (37), Kanna Mori (33) and Asami Mizukawa (37) in an underground parking lot. On this day in March 2006, the three of them were at a concert of American diva Katy Perry at Saitama Super Arena. They were indeed big-name actresses. Rather than being intimidated by the harikomi journalists, they showed their dignity.

Anna, my best friend since college, drinks at home

Freelancer Minami Tanaka and Fuji TV’s Mio Matsumura. They have been best friends since their college days, photographed in April 2006.

In April 2006, freelance announcer Minami Tanaka (34), who is also currently active as an actress, and Mio Matsumura (35), Fuji’s “Miopan” announcer, were enjoying shopping at a high-end supermarket in Hiroo. “The two were shopping at a high-end supermarket in Hiroo in April 2006. We can see how close they are as they put the ingredients in their baskets. The two of them were probably planning to cook together and have a “home girls’ party”.

“Although they went to different universities and joined different TV stations, they are actually great friends. We are the same age, and we have been close friends since our school days through club activities. Even after they entered the workforce, they have been working together on Fuji TV’s talk show “Bokura no Jidai” and other programs.

“Sister” and “Hal

Hana Kuroki and You Yoshida. They were whispering something to each other, and I could tell from the way Kuroki’s cheeks were flushed that she had been drinking. They whispered something to each other as they disappeared into an alley.

A rare combination that is rarely seen is the tipsy shot of You Yoshida (age not disclosed) and Hana Kuroki (31) taken by this magazine in November 2006.

The two were walking shoulder to shoulder in Nakameguro, Tokyo, a neighborhood lined with trendy bars and bistros. Both were wearing casual clothes and natural makeup, and looked completely relaxed.

“Yoshida and Kuroki are as close as real sisters. Yoshida and Kuroki are as close as real sisters. They first became close when Kuroki won the best actress award at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2002, and Yoshida sent her a congratulatory e-mail. Kuroki is very fond of Yoshida, who is like a big sister to her, and Yoshida also calls Kuroki “Oharu” and loves her. It is said that Yoshida treated the younger Kuroki to dinner that day.

The busy actresses must be having secret girl talk at the “girls’ night out,” which they can only have with those they have allowed themselves to have. The relieved expressions on their faces make me smile.

Katopan and Yuka Aouchi of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Eiko Koike takes a picture of her friend with her phone at a girls’ night out.
NHK’s Mayuko Wakuda and Maho Kuwako, photographed in September 2007.
Rika Adachi and Akari Hayami. Rika Adachi and Akari Hayami tuck into the Korean version of Mizutaki, “Tatkangmari,” in Azabu Juban, Tokyo.
Mitsuki Takahata and Haruka Kinami. They are both from Osaka Prefecture and are big Hanshin fans. They emerged from a hideout-style yakiniku restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo.
Seiyasana. She emerged from a pork shabu restaurant in Arakicho with three female friends.
Yuno Ohara and Meika Nagano. Two people of the same age who co-starred in the drama “3 Years A Class.
Karina Maruyama, Karen Takizawa, and Haruna Kondo of Harisenbon. This day was Kondo’s birthday party. Other participants included the popular YouTube star, Fuwa-chan.
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