German track and field athlete’s “cami onesie” attracts world’s attention…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

German track and field athlete’s “cami onesie” attracts world’s attention…!

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(From her Instagram @alicasmd)

German track and field short distance athlete and model Alika Schmidt has been making a big splash with her “camisole one-piece outfit” on her Instagram account.

Schmidt took a video of herself in a camisole dress at a place that looks like an eaves. She was wearing a camisole dress in a place like the eaves of a house, boldly exposing her steel legs that she has trained as a professional athlete. The black high heels also make Schmidt’s beautiful legs stand out even more.

In the video, Schmidt walks toward the camera. She then unfolds the hem of her skirt and makes a full circle. Finally, she looks at the camera over her shoulder and strikes a cute pose. The whole thing is just too good to be true…!

Schmidt is a 22-year-old short- and middle-distance athlete who won the bronze medal in the 4×400-meter relay at the 2019 European U23 Athletics Championships. She is a young hopeful in German athletics. But it’s not just her track and field achievements that have made her famous. The Australian magazine Busted Coverage described Schmidt as “the sexiest athlete in the world,” and her worldwide recognition skyrocketed. He now has an astonishing 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

Schmidt was in Tokyo this summer for the Olympics. It was reported that she would be participating in the women’s 4 x 400 meter relay, but unfortunately, she did not actually participate in the race.

Schmidt expressed his frustration on Instagram.

“I’ve been working hard to push my limits, but with the new coronavirus infection, ligament tears and other difficulties, I’m not at all satisfied with this year’s results. But I am still hungry. I will take a break, refresh myself, and come back to compete.”

The post was a bit worrying, but Schmidt is currently on vacation. He is currently on vacation and has been posting pictures of his fun trip on Instagram. The video that became the talk of the town this time is also believed to be from his vacation. I can’t take my eyes off Schmidt more than I can …… for a medal at the Paris Olympics!

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