Eyewitness! Fuji’s Kuji, who was reported to be leaving the company, “went home at once. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Eyewitness! Fuji’s Kuji, who was reported to be leaving the company, “went home at once.

After finishing "Mezamashi 8," she went to ......

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I ran to the station and boarded the train. As she took her seat, she took out a black cap from her bag and put it on with her eyes wide open.

It seems that Anna Kuji has finally decided to leave the company.

Today, January 20, Fuji TV announcer Akiko Kuji (27) officially announced her intention to leave Fuji TV.

Kuji was an ace female announcer who has been in charge of “Mezamashi Saturday” and “Comedy Improvement Committee” since she joined Fuji TV in 2005.

She is said to have been triggered by the appointment of Seika Inoue (26), one year her junior, as the main anchor of Mezamashi TV in March. She has been active as a “non-no” model since her school days, and was a “potential ace”. It was quite a shock for her to be overtaken by a junior model,” said a Fuji TV insider.

After going freelance, she is planning to work as a model and TV personality.

Just before noon on December 28 last year, the end of the year was approaching and Akiko Kuji appeared from Fuji TV in Odaiba after finishing the last broadcast of “Mezamashi 8” for the year. In a hurry, she took the train to Tokyo Station.

I wondered if she was going back to Iwate, where her parents live. It was the peak of the homecoming rush, and the area in front of the Shinkansen ticket gates was crowded with passengers carrying large bags. Anna Kuji went into a convenience store inside the station and bought a small lunch box and a bottle of tea in the crowded store.

When Kuji came out of the convenience store, I asked her directly if the news about her leaving the company was true. However, Kuji kept her head down and stared at a single point. Then, without uttering a single word in response to our question, she quickly walked away and disappeared behind the ticket gate.

Kuji’s expression was stiff from start to finish that day, but on the live broadcast on New Year’s Day, she showed her usual smile. She spent the end of the year refreshing herself at her parents’ home, and seemed to be able to start the new year with a fresh start for the last time at Fuji TV.

With the new year, Anna Kuji made a fresh start and announced her retirement. We hope to see more of her after she becomes a freelancer.

From “FRIDAY” February 4, 2022 issue

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