The overwhelming aura that Osamu Mukai radiated at the “detective drama location”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The overwhelming aura that Osamu Mukai radiated at the “detective drama location”!

News on the Scene FRIDAY Eyewitness! harikomi24 〈Kannai 13:30〉.

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After the test shooting, Mukai takes a break on the bench before the show starts. He was stretching carefully.

The drama “Kekkatsu Tantei” (BS Tereto) will start airing on January 8. It was a cold morning when I witnessed the filming in a park in Kannai, Yokohama.

The story is a romantic comedy-mystery about a middle-aged detective who is unattractive and uses his instincts as a former detective to solve mysteries and cases that come to the detective agency, while at the same time steadily working on his marriage activities. The main character, a detective, is comically played by Osamu Mukai (39),” said a TV station insider.

The shooting took place in a red car parked in an alley in front of a park. I wondered if it was a scene where they were staking out a target. Mukai was sitting in the driver’s seat, and a man who looked like he was playing an assistant was holding a camera with a telephoto lens.

During the waiting time, he was stretching his legs bending and stretching on a park bench. Even though she is in her forties, she still has a great figure and a neat face.

I can’t wait to see how Mukai, who has probably never been involved in any kind of marriage activity, let alone an unattractive life, will play the role of an unattractive detective.

A cut not published in the magazine, Mukai Osamu.

From the January 21, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photo by Yusuke Kondo

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