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The reason why the media did not report Ai Fukuhara’s alleged affair and serious relationship

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Ai Fukuhara was reported to be having an affair in March of this year. After the divorce, it was reported that she was in a serious relationship with her partner…

On December 22, “NEWS POST SEVEN” reported that former table tennis player Ai Fukuhara has started a serious relationship with A, a handsome trading company man who was reported to be dating her in March this year.

In March, when Fukuhara returned to Japan, leaving her ex-husband Jiang Hongjie and their child in Taiwan, Post Seven reported that she was on a date with Mr. A in Yokohama’s Chinatown. It was called a “homecoming affair,” and it was reported that Mr. A also had a wife at the time, suggesting a double affair.

Fukuhara’s divorce from Jiang was finalized in July. The divorce was finalized in July, with joint custody, but the child is still living in Taiwan with Mr. Jiang.

In the meantime, Fukuhara has started a serious relationship with Mr. A from Chinatown, and is said to be considering remarriage.

The Post-Seven article claimed that Mr. A had also divorced in early November, and that the date in Chinatown was not a male-female relationship but “not an affair. I get the impression that they both got divorced and started dating cleanly after they became single. (Wide show insider)

The two people who caused such a stir in Japan were sitting on a park bench in broad daylight, so open in their relationship, perhaps because even though they were both recently divorced, they had no reason to blame anyone for being single….

But there was more to the story. On the same day as Post Seven, Shukan Bunshun reported on Fukuhara’s relationship. In addition, it interviewed Mr. A’s ex-wife directly and revealed that Fukuhara was the cause of their divorce.

The Post Seven’s report on the relationship was a beautiful story, and if it had remained that way, it would have been able to be handled by TV and other media, but in the evening of the same day, Bunshun Online published an article that supported the suspicion of infidelity. That’s when the tide turned.

After that article came out, people from the major entertainment agencies asked the media, especially TV, not to handle the Ai Fukuhara story. Ms. Fukuhara’s management is handled by a major advertising agency, but somehow, that entertainment agency may have been involved as well.

It’s true that Fukuhara’s “serious relationship” has not even been reported in the wide shows of the key stations or the major sports papers.

Fukuhara became a hot topic when she was selected as a commentator for the Tokyo Olympics, despite the fact that she was reportedly having an affair. She has a lot of backing, but I hope she can find new happiness through marriage…

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