Even the wife of a woman who says she “respects” Norika Fujiwara… “very short sleep time” was the difference between her and Hiroko Mita’s reputation. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Even the wife of a woman who says she “respects” Norika Fujiwara… “very short sleep time” was the difference between her and Hiroko Mita’s reputation.

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Norika Fujiwara and Ainosuke Kataoka, now known as one of the best married couples in Nashien

They are now in their fifties, and they are spreading out.

On June 14, actress Norika Fujiwara appeared on the radio program “Jump Up Melodies” (Tokyo FM) to talk about her current state of mind. When asked by radio personality Osamu Suzuki, “I feel like I’m having fun in my 50s,” Norika responded as follows: “I feel like I’m enjoying myself now that I’m in my 50s.

She will be starring in a stage production of “Carmen Goes Home” in August. The director is Issei Nishikori, formerly of “Shonen-tai,” so it is a comedy with lots of singing and dancing, and for a 53-year-old girl, it will be a very physically demanding performance. She is the wife of Kabuki actor Kataoka Ainosuke, and her duties as a “wife in the Rien” also make for a very demanding schedule.

Another personality from “THE RAMPAGE,” who was aware of Kika’s busy schedule, asked, “Isn’t it quite difficult with your family life? He replied, “Yes, it’s pretty tough,

I have no choice but to memorize the lines. I have to memorize it all night long.

I tend to memorize them at night,” he replied,

I’ve been getting about 3 hours of sleep since 2000.

But I’ve been sleeping an average of three hours for the past 24 years.

I can understand why she sleeps three hours a night when I look at her daily activities.

“I can understand why she sleeps only three hours a night,” said a leading figure in the Kabuki world.

Norika-san does not neglect any of her duties as a wife in the Rien, such as greeting her patrons, sending invitations, and greeting guests at the Kabuki-za Theater. And yet, as for her own work, she has told Aynosuke, ‘I can’t do this with support from you, because it is what I love to do. I wonder if she will be physically able to handle it, but she always appears aloof and energetic, and recently it seems that people around her have come to rely on her more and more.”

He says that the trust he has in Kika is now enormous. On the other hand, the couple that continues to cause a stir is Shikan Nakamura VIII and Hiroko Mita. In addition to Shikan’s string of reports of infidelity, in early May Mita stormed into the house where Shikan and his mistress lived and reprimanded her, saying such things as, “Pull yourself together! The Shukan Post reported that Mita had stormed into the house where Shawan and his mistress lived and reprimanded them, saying things like, “Pull yourself together! This report prompted some media outlets to report that a divorce was a possibility. One Kabuki performer who used to be a close friend of Shibawan’s asserts, “There is no divorce. He explained the reason for this,

Even when they were married, Shawan (Nakamura Hashinosuke III at the time of their marriage in 1991) was quite active in his “womanizing”. At the time, he had a mistress in Kyoto, and those around him tried repeatedly to persuade him to break off the relationship upon their marriage, but he was unable to do so. They even met camouflaged themselves, with people like us in attendance, so that they would never be alone together outside.

Since they were doing this in Kyoto, Mr. Mita’s home town, naturally the rumors must have reached her ears. Even so, she chose to remain a wife in the “Rien no Tsumari” (a Japanese woman who is married to a Japanese woman).

Mita updated her SNS on June 26. She reported that she enjoyed the musical “Beauty and the Beast.

She said, “I jumped into the world of entertainment with a dream, and now I am involved in supporting work, and thanks to all of you who support me, I am happy.

Two days later, on the 28th, she ordered her favorite gyoza set meal at a restaurant,

I love gyoza set menus, but for the first time in my life, I had to leave one out! My friend is in big trouble!

He then shared the episode with the audience. In response to this, social networking sites were littered with comments expressing concern for Mita, such as, “It may be her age, but it may also be mental,” and “I think her stomach is weakening due to heartache. However, there was also this opinion.

“She is stouthearted like Mita-san, or ……. She is not a weak person at all. Since the beginning of her marriage, she has been saying, “I’ll do as I please,” so I think many people think that her current situation is inevitable.

However, the most important thing for her now is to raise her three sons (Nakamura Hashinosuke IV, Nakamura Fukunosuke III, and Nakamura Utanosuke IV) to be respectable kabuki actors. Although all three are grown men, they are still single, and they will be responsible for training the three women who will eventually become their “wives in Nashien,” so it is likely that they will continue as they are.

(A source close to Rien says that Kika’s presence will become even more important for increasing the number of Kabuki fans.

She has told everyone around her that she will never cause her husband any trouble and that she is perfectly capable of fulfilling her duties as a wife, so she will be fine,” says a senior official. She says, ‘I am better suited to be that busy. She is truly reliable. The number of comments from wives in the Ewigakuen who say that they respect her is increasing day by day.

Even though both Kika and Mita have been involved in the entertainment business for a long time, the world of Nashien is still a very special one. We hope that they will take good care of themselves.

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