Norika Fujiwara overcame bashing to be recognized as “the too sexy neighbor” and “the wife of Ewen”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Norika Fujiwara overcame bashing to be recognized as “the too sexy neighbor” and “the wife of Ewen”.

Norika Fujiwara appears in a dignified and elegant kimono in the April Grand Kabuki drama "The Man Who Won't Get a Divorce" in the January season.

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Let’s have a pie and dick party.

This was the famous line of Norika Fujiwara, 52, who played the “too sexy neighbor” in the popular movie “The Man Who Wouldn’t Get a Divorce: The Trick Love of a Husband and Wife” (TV Asahi).

In the show, Fujiwara’s pheromones exploded in an outfit that emphasized her cleavage and seduced the main character, played by Atsushi Ito (40). The impact was so strong that the actress was even quoted on the Internet as saying, “You should choose the right job.

Her wisteria-patterned kimono on a light gray background and her height of 171 cm made her stand out above all else.

At the beginning of April, when the afterglow of this spectacular performance was still lingering, Kika was seen on the first day of the “April Grand Kabuki” stage performance by Ainosuke Kataoka (52), this time dressed in a quiet kimono. She went to the Kabuki-za Theater (Chuo Ward, Tokyo) as the “wife of a pearskin,” and greeted her husband’s favorite patrons.

She was a “Kabuki actor’s wife,” she said, “and it’s a tough job. It is the most basic of things to learn about the plays and seasonal events, as well as how to dress, drink tea, and do flower arranging. You also have to learn the art of getting along with the patrons and the complicated relationships in the Kabuki world, and you have to learn how to get along.

She was bashed a lot when she first got married, but over time she has managed to complete a number of difficult tasks. Now that she is recognized as a wife of Nashien, she has gained dignity and can act with a swagger like in ‘The Man Who Wouldn’t Get a Divorce'” (entertainment reporter).

Shohei Otani is a great actress, but this two-faced actress and “wife of Nashien” is also quite impressive!

This issue of “The Wife of Rien” features Norika Fujiwara, an actress and wife of Rien, who is also a two-faced actress!
Unpublished cuts from the magazine Norika Fujiwara’s dual roles as “actress” and “Rien’s wife” are quite impressive!
Unpublished photos of Norika Fujiwara, “Actress” and “Rison’s Wife”!

From the April 26 , 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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