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Why Kansai Junior, which Tadayoshi Okura is pushing hard, has come under fire.

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Hakui, who became a topic of conversation as a genderless boy (from his official Instagram)

Last year, Kansai Junior’s Hikaru Hakui, a member of STARTO ENTERTAINMENT (formerly Johnny’s), became the talk of the town on SNS as a “genderless boy. In March of this year, he opened a personal Instagram account, which is unusual for a Kansai Junior, and the agency is pushing him hard as a promising young star. There has been a string of comments about such a promising new star, Hakui, saying that she has a “bad attitude.

Hakui, who joined the agency in January 2011, is now 13 years old. She is known for her long hair and gyaru-style fashion, and her dance video uploaded to TikTok last year was a big hit. Her motto is “gyaru mindset,” and she has become an outlier among the junior girls, showing off her unique outfits on her Instagram.

He must also recognize Hakui’s dancing ability, because he is involved in the training and production of Kansai Junior by SUPER EIGHT’s Tadayoshi Okura. In March of this year, Okura’s new project “+81 STUDIO” was launched on YouTube, and Hakui was selected for the first video, teaming up with Naohiro Oriyama, a boy ninja who is known for his dance ability. The office’s enthusiasm to promote Hakui as a genderless boy is palpable, given the trends of the times,” says an entertainment writer.

However, Hakui, who has been carrying all the expectations of Okura and the office, is currently under fire on the Internet. Antis are proliferating. It all started with a video distributed on YouTube’s “Junior Channel” on June 18. The video was of the CD debut of Kansai Junior’s senior member, Ken Kojima, who made his debut this May. group’s Ken Kojima, who made his CD debut this May, corrected the junior members’ questionnaires and gave them bad advice.

One of the questions was, “What is a skill you are developing that you have not shown yet? He answered, “I am good at contemporary dancing with emotion, and I am also good at giving advice to others. But for some reason, people don’t even ask me for advice because they think I’m going to rip them to shreds or something.

When Kojima’s pose led to the junior members actually asking for advice, Atsushi Ito of Boys be asked, “I want to be a little taller, what should I do?” and asked for advice. Hakui responded coldly, “You’re taller than us, and you’re asking me that? The air on the spot was frozen.

The air on the floor froze as Hakui continued, “Is your life fun if you think like that? Ito was flabbergasted, saying, “Sure, ……. When Yukiya Ikegawa of Boys be asked, “What length do you want your hair cut to be? When Yukiya Ikegawa of Boys be asked, “What length do you want it to be?

Seeing Hakui’s low tone throughout, Kojima pointed out, “He’s still developing this skill a little too much,” and “It’s a little scary right now,” he said. When Shintaro Kado of Boys be performed a funny face or a comic joke, he turned his head away or hid his face with his hands to keep it out of sight.

In response to Hakui’s words and actions,

(The same). Someone should warn him.
Maybe she’s just getting carried away because she’s being pushed around by her agency.
I had a bad feeling that he would grow up to be a minor and not even made his debut when he started his personal Instagram.
What is Okura’s reason for supporting Hakui?

A number of critical voices asked, “What is Okura doing to make Hakui happy?

The latest post on Instagram, dated June 17, shows a number of serious opinions in the comments section. Fans who preferred the vertical society of the old Johnny’s’s were bashing him hard, saying, ‘If you are going to be in Johnny’s, you should be polite and have a proper hierarchical relationship,’ and ‘You misunderstand the meaning of diversity. However, he is a minor, so “Couldn’t the adults around him do something to prevent him from being beaten up? ……” “Hakai-kun, he’s only 13 years old, right? He is only 13 years old. He might see it, so please think carefully before commenting on it.

In addition, a certain allegation concerning AmBitious Raku Kawashita has been making the rounds for some time regarding Kansai Junior. A woman who is said to be a former boyfriend of AmBitious Kawashita has posted pictures of their private sleeping faces on social networking services, and has also revealed his affairs and philandering.

The truth is not yet known whether the woman’s story is true or not. However, the office announced to the ticket winners that Kawakata would not appear at the “TV Asahi Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION 2024” in August. In response to this, some media reported that Kawashita was “temporarily suspending her activities due to health problems,” but there was no official report from the office, and the matter remained in limbo. Currently, AmBitious consists of eight members excluding Kawashita.

In addition to Kawashita’s allegations, Kansai Junior has been under fire by Hakui, who is currently on the market. How will Okura, who is producing them, deal with these problems?

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