Yasuko, a comedian from the Self-Defense Forces, who was ranked No. 1 last year, revealed her “unexpected future plan” while criticized for being “seriously offended. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yasuko, a comedian from the Self-Defense Forces, who was ranked No. 1 last year, revealed her “unexpected future plan” while criticized for being “seriously offended.

Some people are concerned about her "extremely busy schedule of more than 300 consecutive shifts" due to her rage and outbursts.

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She says she has been working too hard because she has had too many breaks.

Yasuko (25), a former Self Defense Force officer and last year’s number one breakout comedian, has begun to cause some concern about her health. While Yasuko is reportedly extremely busy, she suddenly made an angry comment on the January 29 broadcast of the variety show “Calling Teacher Tanaka” (Fuji Television Network), which caused widespread surprise.

Yasuko appeared as a representative of “Dokkuri GP,” a variety show in which she is often caught by surprise! She appeared as a representative of “Surprise GP.

However, he suddenly said of “Surprise GP”: “It’s a shit show, really. It’s my least favorite show. It’s a show where they surprise people and mock them. It’s a piece of garbage, you idiot! He then went on to express his anger and dissatisfaction in a fiery tone.

I want to make it a NG program. I told the manager to stop the surprise, but he just keeps on coming in,” he said. Yasuko, who is known for her naive character, had a serious temper tantrum, and people in the entertainment industry and on the Internet were asking her if she was mentally alright.

(Sports paper reporter) Perhaps because of the strong reaction to this incident, the February 10 broadcast of “Surprise GP” featured a plan in which 50 staff members of the program simultaneously got down on their knees to apologize to Yasuko. When Yasuko was shown an article on her smartphone that reported her “shitty program comment,” she explained that she had not said anything so serious, but asked them to “please continue to surprise me. Please let me appear on the program,” and ostensibly “made peace” with the program.

However, when Yasuko got down on her knees, she added, “I can’t deny that it’s a shitty program. However, when Yasuko got down on her knees, she added, “I don’t deny that it’s a shitty program, I just don’t like it a bit. It seems that Yasuko was just making a “story” to make it difficult for both parties to work if she was still “seriously pissed off”, but some TV people are concerned that “Yasuko must have a lot on her mind. However, some TV people are concerned that “Yasuko may have a lot on her plate…”.

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Yasuko enlisted in the Self-Defense Forces after graduating from high school. After moving to Tokyo, she began working as a pin comedian in August 2007, and drew attention as a female former Japan Self-Defense Forces official on “Gurunai Omoshiroso 2021” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), a special program broadcast on January 1, 2009, in which the next breakout comedian would appear. Belonging to a major entertainment agency, she began working as a reporter for “Sunday Japon” in the same month, expanding her range of work and making her breakthrough with Self-Defense Forces material such as the phrase “Yes~” and “hofukyoku” (crawling forward). Last year, he was featured in many variety shows and events, and was ranked No. 1 in the “Breakthrough Comedians of 2023” by “ORICON NEWS”.

He has been a regular on “Guru Ninety-Nine” (Nippon Television Network Corporation)’s popular corner “Gochi ni Naru! On the February 10 broadcast of “Another Sky” (NTV), Yasuko spoke positively about her recent busy schedule, saying, “My mind is most stable when my schedule is full,” but she also confessed that she only had three days off last year.

On “Comedy Academy Awards 2023” (TBS) broadcast last December, he also stated, “I have probably worked more than 300 consecutive days. (entertainment desk).

Yasuko has actually revealed her “future plans” in concrete terms. In a talk show “Bokura no Jidai” (Fuji TV) broadcast in June last year, Yasuko revealed a surprising vision.

Yasuko revealed on the same program, “I am planning to study veterinary medicine in order to become an animal doctor when I turn 40 or so. She has had a strong desire to become a veterinarian since she was in elementary school, and when asked by a co-host, “Will you quit as a comedian at around 40? I don’t know when I will quit…but that’s how I think about it. She hinted that she would eventually quit her career as a comedian.

Yasuko also caused a stir in early November last year when she wrote on her X (old Twitter) that she was “a little full of myself” and confessed that she had cried when she hit her foot on a door.

He may have been sending out an SOS at this point. In the world of television, there have been repeated instances of breakthrough comedians quickly disappearing from the scene…. Yasuko may be tired, but at the same time, she may be calmly watching the future of her “boom” as she is thinking specifically about becoming a veterinarian.

Yasuko is wavering between “breakthrough” and “on the verge of a flat tire. Will she be “consumed” by the TV world or will she continue to survive on her own merits? This year, too, is likely to attract a lot of attention.

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