Miri Chamu will appear in the morning drama “Asadora”! Miri Chamu speaks out against the Heisei gal culture! She says, “I will never be able to understand 0 in my life. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Miri Chamu will appear in the morning drama “Asadora”! Miri Chamu speaks out against the Heisei gal culture! She says, “I will never be able to understand 0 in my life.

Gal model Miricham makes her first gravure appearance in FRIDAY!

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Miri Chamu / Born in Saitama, 21 years old

Mirichamu is a gal model who is rapidly gaining popularity as the “strongest gal in a quarrel” on the YouTube channel “Nobuyuki Sakuma’s NOBROCK TV.
She is also attracting attention for her role as Ruri Majima (Roolie), the current general representative of the “Hakata Gyaru Rengo” in the NHK TV series “Omusubi” to be aired in the second half of 2012.

The 21-year-old, who is gaining more and more momentum, makes her first appearance in FRIDAY’s gravure section!
We interviewed Miri Chamu after the shoot.

I was happy because I was allowed to wear a lot of outfits that fit my usual image today. The pink velour swimsuit was especially cute and got me really excited!

Off shot of Miri Chamu during the shoot. The pink bikini is her favorite outfit.

The mainstay of her career to date has been as an exclusive model for the magazine “egg,” where she worked for six years.

When I started in show business, I was actually an idol for a year. But it didn’t suit me very well, so I quit after about a year. After that, I became a model for “egg” when I was in my first year of high school, and I graduated from the magazine in April of this year.

My most memorable moment in “egg” was when I missed the plane back from Okinawa, where I went for a …… photo shoot (laugh). The girls I was looking at souvenirs with had never been on a plane before, so they didn’t know that they had to be at the boarding gate by 10 minutes before. We usually missed the flight. ……”

She will be the center of attention in Japan for her performance in the morning drama “Omusubi”.
She won the role of a “gal” just like herself in an audition.

When I auditioned for the role, I was just thinking, ‘I’ll be lucky if I get it! I was just thinking, “I’ll be lucky if I get it! After I passed the audition, it was almost my first time to try a serious acting role. I had never done a crying scene before, so I had a hard time with that.

Since the role is played by a gal just like myself, I often hear the actors I play with say, “Just having one real gal in the role makes me feel much more at ease. They don’t seem to understand the tempo of the gal’s unique conversation (laughs). (Laughs.) The dialogue is quite fun, as it is an exaggeration of gyaru-speak. Although I admire the “Heisei Gyaru” that I play, I myself did not know them in real time. My impression of the Heisei gyaru culture is: ……I dare say that I will never understand light blue eye shadow (laughs). Why everyone wore light blue around their eyes is a bit of a mystery to me from Reiwa’s point of view (laughs).

We can’t take our eyes off Miri Chamu, Reiwa’s leading gal!

Speaking of Miri Chamu, there is one more seasonal topic.
The TV commercial for “Karaoke Maneki Neko” in which she appears with the comedy duo Nishikigoi is now airing.

She said, “We were the usual members who co-star in ‘NOBROCK TV (by Nobuyuki Sakuma),’ so we had a super smooth and enjoyable shoot. There was a part where Nishikigoi’s Mr. Watanabe (Takashi) ad-libbed a line and it was adopted, and we all laughed. We all laughed together.

Miricham is truly becoming the eye of the typhoon of 2012.
I asked her what she wants to accomplish this year.

I asked her what she wanted to accomplish by the end of this year.  I bought what I wanted to buy. …… I recently bought a car I’ve been wanting. I also just got my driver’s license. The reason I decided to get a license is because I don’t usually drink much alcohol, so I thought it would be nice to be able to drive myself when I go on trips and such. In fact, I drive a little bit in my hometown and other places. So I have already achieved my goal for this year! (laughs).

Click here to view Mirichamu’s photogravure and 10-minute movie!

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