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Yuriko Ishida, the Miracle Actress Shows Devotion to Her Cat While Traveling

While passionately playing the role of the mother of the main character in the morning drama "Tora ni Tsubasa," Ishida has also launched a real estate management company and focuses on animal protection activities.

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“Life is about mutual support and helping each other. The sun is watching over us.”

The June 18th episode of NHK’s serial TV drama “Tora ni Tsubasa” deeply moved viewers.

The protagonist, Torako, played by Sairi Ito (30), meets Michio, a war orphan, in the city. Wanting to somehow lend a helping hand to Michio, Torako hesitantly asks her mother, Haru, if Michio can stay with them. Haru agrees to take him in and says the opening line.

Ishida emerged from the animal hospital with a man who appeared to be a staff member. After this, she drove away in a luxury car parked nearby.

Playing Haru is Yuriko Ishida (54), an actress who continues to thrive in the limelight with roles in dramas and movies even past the age of 50. She is also a bestselling essayist with works such as “Lily—Fragments of Daily Life” (Bungeishunju). Her ageless beauty has earned her the admiration of men and women alike, who fondly refer to her as the miracle actress in her late 40s and passionately follow her on social media.


“Although Ishida-san is often perceived as having a gentle image due to her looks, she established her own talent agency at the age of 30. Since then, she has been walking the center of the entertainment industry alone as both president and leading actress. Last October, she also founded a real estate management company, which she represents, managing at least one house and one apartment unit,” says an executive at a major talent agency.


It was in mid-June, under a thick cloud cover in Tokyo, that Ishida, embodying the strong woman both in her private life and as seen in morning dramas, was spotted. Dressed casually in a white shirt and gray wide pants, she was seen lifting and carrying a large carry-on suitcase with both hands.

She and a gentleman were in her car.

She entered an animal hospital and came out about 10 minutes later, now empty-handed. Following her was a bald gentleman carrying the same carry-on suitcase. Inside the suitcase was a cat—likely her cherished pet, Hanio.

The man entrusted with her precious cat might raise some speculation, but he simply loaded the carry-on into Ishida’s car and left immediately. It appeared he was a staff member from the animal hospital.

“In the June 14 broadcast of ‘Tora ni Tsubasa,’ Ishida’s beloved cat Hanio made an appearance at the end of the program, causing quite a stir. Ishida-san is also actively involved in dog and cat rescue activities and currently lives with six rescue cats and one rescue dog. Her love for them is genuine,” said a staff member from the program’s production company.

Devotedly caring for her cats in the midst of a busy schedule, Ishida, a strong woman, might find her pets to be her best companions.

She works hard to carry her carrying case. The tabi-like shoes on her feet look good on her.
Yuriko Ishida, the “miraculous actress in her late 20s,” shows her “devotion to her beloved cats” in her free time.
Yuriko Ishida, the “miraculous actress in her late 20s,” shows her “devotion to her cat” in her free time.
Yuriko Ishida, the miraculous actress in her late 20s, shows her devotion to her beloved cats in her free time.

From theJuly5 and 12, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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