Former Child Care Worker Arrested Seven Times for Indecency with Preschool Children: Parents of Victim’s Children Saddened | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Child Care Worker Arrested Seven Times for Indecency with Preschool Children: Parents of Victim’s Children Saddened

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Crime at a daycare center, which is supposed to be a fun place, is absolutely unforgivable.

On June 21, the Tokyo District Court (Judge Hidenori Murohashi presiding) held the trial of Nagikumi Nagata, 27, a former nursery school teacher, who is accused of having indecent intercourse with several girls at a licensed nursery school in Tokyo where he worked.

According to the indictment, Nagata called the girls to the bathroom and to a closet, blindfolded them with bandanas, and indecently assaulted them, which he filmed with his smartphone.

The scene of the dastardly crime was a licensed nursery school where Nagata’s father is the director.

Nagata began working there two years ago. He was not in charge of a class, but was in charge of assisting with childcare duties. He was watching over the children at nap time and used that time to commit the crimes against several children. The smartphone he used to take pictures was lent to him by the school.

Nagata has been arrested a total of seven times since January, and at his first trial, the charges against three girls between the ages of 5 and 6 from October to December of last year were heard. He rounded his stout back and admitted in a low voice, “There’s no doubt about it,” as he slumped over the indictment.

In court, the prosecutor read the opinion of the parents of the victim girl. A series of crimes were revealed between October and December of last year, and the daycare center held an emergency parents’ meeting on December 30. In response, the parents spoke to the girl, who reported that she had been victimized by the Nagata suspect. When the parents learned of their daughter’s victimization,

‘We hoped it was unrelated, but it went far beyond the worst and we felt as if we had been dropped into a trough. I am confused by shock and anger toward Nagata.

The parents wrote of their feelings. She also commented on the girl’s condition,

My daughter has gradually come to understand that something bad has happened to her, and at night, she starts to have nightmares. She has become more attached to me than before and does not want to leave me.

She has become even more attached to me and does not leave me,” she explained. Finally,

If we could, we would go back in time and protect her, but we can’t. We are the only ones who can take away her painful feelings. I will never forgive her no matter what. Please give Nagata the heaviest punishment possible.

Nagata is a victim of sexual abuse,” she appealed.

She is too young to recognize that she has been sexually assaulted, so it is difficult for her crime to come to the surface. However, as they get older, they may later realize that what was done to them was sexual harm and suffer. You need to take good care of yourself” (medical professional).

Nagata listened to the prosecutor read out the written opinion with a stern expression on his face and eyes closed. He showed signs of remorse, but even with the heaviest punishment, he will never be forgiven.

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