Famous South Korean Actor’s Shocking Statement and Reportedly Using 1100 Tablets of Sleeping Pills | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Famous South Korean Actor’s Shocking Statement and Reportedly Using 1100 Tablets of Sleeping Pills

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In August 2022, the defendant appeared at a Netflix event.

“He sent prescriptions for sleeping pills by mail under his father’s name. Even in consultations lasting about 10 seconds, sedative anesthesia was administered.”

In a trial held on June 18th at the Seoul Central District Court, the defendant’s attending physician testified.

Facing charges for violating drug control laws is South Korean actor Yoo Ah-in (37), a well-known figure. It is known that Yoo has been excessively using drugs since at least autumn 2020, as per available information. His condition appeared unusual based on statements from the attending physician.

“The defendant reportedly received sedative medications 181 times from doctors and others. Additionally, approximately 1100 tablets of sleeping pills were prescribed 44 times under other people’s names from around May 2021 for about a year. It is also alleged that he used marijuana with four friends in the United States,” stated a journalist from a South Korean newspaper.

“FRIDAY Digital” reported extensively on the defendant Yoo’s unusual behavior around the time of his crime in an article distributed on March 6th last year. Reprinting it, we want to revisit the reality of drug proliferation in the South Korean entertainment industry (some content has been revised).

The prescribed sedative amounted to 4.4 liters.

Over the course of one year, sedatives prescribed at the hospital totaled more than 4.4 liters.

The defendant Yoo, a famous South Korean actor, is undergoing intense police interrogation for excessive drug administration. Concerned by the frequency of propofol prescriptions, a sedative, the food and drug safety authorities questioned its use and requested a police investigation.

“On February 5th last year, following a request, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s narcotics crime investigation team executed a search warrant on Yoo, the defendant, upon his return from the United States at Incheon International Airport, conducting a simple urine test. As a result, he tested positive for tetrahydrocannabinol, the main component of marijuana.

Furthermore, upon examining his hair at the National Forensic Service, four types of drug components including propofol, cocaine, and ketamine, in addition to marijuana, were detected. Police continued their investigation suspecting Yoo of habitual drug use,” said a South Korean journalist.

Yoo is a leading actor in South Korea, known for starring in numerous films such as “Antique” and dramas like “The Man Who Can’t Get Married,” and has received accolades including the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actor (for the film “The Throne”). He has held fan meetings multiple times in Japan and enjoys high popularity.

“Yoo graduated from Dankook University, a prestigious institution in South Korea’s arts scene. He has successfully portrayed various roles including a boxer, a prodigy pianist, and a delinquent student, making him one of the most prominent actors in South Korea. Recently, he garnered attention for his role as a controversial religious group leader in Netflix’s series ‘Hellbound,'” the same source added.

However, due to suspicions of excessive drug use, Yoo, the defendant, was dropped from “Hellbound” starting from Season 2. Another actor was chosen to replace him in the role of the leader.

“Due to the variety and amount of drugs he was using, Yoo has been dubbed ‘Korea’s Takuya Kimura (convicted for drug use).’ His behavior has long been questioned. According to Korean media ‘KOREA WAVE,’ during a screening of the movie ‘Veteran’ in July 2015, he remarked, ‘I watched my acting with a grin.’

When questioned by his co-stars about the meaning of grin, he reportedly responded, ‘You’re asking me a tough question. The secret to great acting is drugs. I try to relax as much as possible.’ In addition, he has been criticized for giving unusually long speeches during TV appearances and sweating profusely,” said a sports entertainment journalist.

According to reports from South Korean broadcasting station MBC, the director of a Seoul hospital where Yoo, the defendant, visited frequently, allegedly sent emails warning that “excessive sedation anesthesia may be occurring” and advising against moving hospitals (due to scrutiny). Police have seized medical records from the hospital in question.

“In response to police questioning and media coverage, Yoo’s side has stated the following perspective: ‘Yoo has symptoms of needle phobia and has been heard to frequently request sedative anesthesia.’ His agency has announced willingness to fully cooperate with the investigation, stating, ‘We will sincerely respond to police requests.'” (Same source)

Yoo’s next trial is scheduled for July 24th.

The defendant Yoo, who has frequently sparked controversy with his unusual behavior. (Image: AFLO)
The defendant Yoo, who has frequently sparked controversy with his unusual behavior. (Image: AFLO)
Yoo’s bizarre and often controversial behavior (Image: Afro)
Yoo’s bizarre and often controversial behavior (Image: Afro)
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