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Akimoto Yasushi Produces Two Groups in a Serious Showdown for Major Debut

Two Akimoto Yasushi-produced men's groups, "SHOW-WA" and "MATSURI," clash for their major label debut!

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Born under the concept of ‘Reviving Showa-era Enka and Pop for the Modern Age,’ the male groups ‘SHOW-WA’ and ‘MATSURI,’ produced by Akimoto Yasushi, are gradually gaining popularity. 

Members selected from auditions with over 3,000 applicants, they are a diverse group with unique personalities.


Both groups, fostering a relationship akin to supportive brotherhood, will clash at the upcoming event.

Scheduled for June 15th, 2024 (Saturday), it’s the stage for a fan-voted showdown for their major debut.

The outcome will be determined by both online and offline voting.

Specifically, fans will cast their votes for the group they want to see debut majorly in this event.

From June 10th (Monday) to tomorrow, June 14th (Friday), online voting will take place on the internet, with the group receiving the most votes each day earning one star.

On June 15th (Saturday), real-world voting will occur at the Roof Square on the 2nd floor of Kanagawa’s Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, where the group with the highest number of votes will receive two stars.

The team that acquires the most out of a total of seven stars from combined online and real-world voting will officially debut majorly.

The final results will be announced on the live broadcast of the television program “Pokapoka” on June 20th (Thursday), airing on Fuji Television from Monday to Friday at 11:50 AM.

Exclusive comment obtained!

Among the two groups, ‘SHOW-WA’ performs live singing at the end of ‘Pokapoka’ every day. Many people may have seen them on TV.

Shinjiro Terada (40), leader of ‘SHOW-WA,’ who previously responded to an interview by FRIDAY Digital, expressed his enthusiasm in this way.

“Since January, every day on ‘Pokapoka,’ rain or snow, even on windy days, we’ve been singing with the determination that ‘we will definitely debut majorly!’ The group’s average age is 35, so everyone is putting everything on the line for this last chance. We absolutely want to seize our major debut.”

Led by Terada, who also has experience as a cooking researcher in media appearances, ‘SHOW-WA’ gathers members with a truly diverse range of backgrounds.

“For SHOW-WA, our strength lies in the diverse backgrounds of our members who have experienced various professions such as professional soccer player, cooking researcher, and corporate employee. Many members have less experience in singing and dancing, but we utilize our past experiences to brainstorm and discuss various ideas daily on how to delight our fans.

Even though we’ve been together every day since January, we eat dinner together at night and gather in hotel rooms during tours to drink together. Our closeness and teamwork are also strengths.”

Terada explains that for him, the rival group ‘MATSURI’ in this showdown is also a “comrade” from the same audition.

“MATSURI has many members with singing experience, so their chorus work and dance quality are high, and they are important companions who always motivate us to ‘strive harder.’ When the combined group of 12 members from SHOW-WA and MATSURI performs together, they also take the lead in MC roles. SHOW-WA has a higher average age, but MATSURI feels more like an older brother group (laughs).”

When asked about their confidence in defeating the formidable opponent, MATSURI.

“We are confident! As a ritual, before live performances or singing on TV, we always do something. We gather in a circle, hold hands with the six of us, close our eyes, meditate to synchronize our breathing, and stand on stage with the consciousness that we are all connected.”

Terada eagerly awaits the upcoming showdown with strong determination. He shared this message for fans who support them:

“Thank you always for your support. Together as six, we will definitely bring happiness to everyone. Please believe in us, SHOW-WA, and come along with us. Your vote means everything to us! Please support us with your vote!”

Your vote could change the outcome!

Be sure to attend the real-world voting event if you can.

■ Real Voting Event Overview

【Participating Members】
The lineup of participating members is subject to change at short notice due to various circumstances.

【Event Details】
Handshake session with SHOW-WA & MATSURI members, and voting by choosing either SHOW-WA or MATSURI.

June 15, 2024 (Saturday)
Roof Square, 2nd Floor, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, Kanagawa Prefecture
Part 1: 13:00 to 14:30
Part 2: 16:00 to 17:30
Voting can only be conducted during Part 1 and Part 2 within their respective time slots.

【Voting Information】

  • Voting tickets will be distributed at the venue on the day.
  • Please participate in the handshake session with the 12 members of SHOW-WA and MATSURI.
  • Mark your choice of either “SHOW-WA” or “MATSURI” with a ○ on the provided voting ticket.
  • Deposit your voting ticket into the designated ballot box.
  • Commemorative postcards will be given out (limited quantity, please understand in advance).
  • Each person is allowed one participation in the handshake session and voting. Please choose to attend either Part 1 or Part 2.
  • Only those who can make a choice of their own will be eligible to vote.
  • Your vote is for either SHOW-WA or MATSURI. In case of any fraudulent activities such as intentionally casting two or more votes, participation in all future events hosted by SHOW-WA or MATSURI may be declined.
  • There will be no live performances scheduled for the day.

For details on the real voting event, please visit the official SHOW-WA & MATSURI page.

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