Shoma Uno announces his retirement… The “shopping at the supermarket & hand-in-hand date” with Marin Honda that this magazine saw. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shoma Uno announces his retirement… The “shopping at the supermarket & hand-in-hand date” with Marin Honda that this magazine saw.

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On May 9, Masama Uno announced his retirement. Japan’s top skater has made a major decision in his career, and his “beloved girlfriend” must have been behind it.

I met skating when I was 5 years old, and I have been able to continue skating for 21 years, and I am very grateful to have had a wonderful competitive life. I am very grateful to have been able to continue skating for 21 years, and to have had a wonderful competitive life.

One of Japan’s top skaters has made a big decision.

Figure skater Masama Uno (26) announced his retirement on May 9. On his social networking service, he expressed his gratitude and put an end to his long competitive career.

Uno won medals at two consecutive Olympic Games, Pyeongchang in ’18 and Beijing in ’22. In addition, she won back-to-back World Championships from ’22 to ’23, and has long been a driving force in the skating world. However, in recent years, she has struggled to maintain her motivation, which has been especially noticeable since 2010, when Yuzuru Hanyu (29), whom she adores, announced his retirement.

At this year’s World Championships in March, he also finished in fourth place, missing out on the feat of winning a third consecutive title. Immediately after that, when asked about his thoughts on the rising next-generation skaters, he said, “No, it’s impossible. I have already done my best,’ he said. He has led the Japanese skating world for a long time, so I hope he will take a good rest first, and then work hard toward his next goal,” said a reporter from a skating magazine.

Uno’s decision must have been backed by his irreplaceable partner. In March of this year, this magazine reported on a “hand-holding date” with Marin Honda, with whom Uno has been in a relationship for some time.

Uno, too, announced her retirement in January of this year. Uno, prior to his retirement, no doubt consulted with Honda, who is his “senior” in his career. Her presence probably had a lot to do with his decision.

Uno receives support from her partner both in public and private life. Here is a look back at their friendly date from the March 29, 2012 issue of “FRIDAY. (Age, title, etc. are those of the mother at the time)

The “lovey-dovey date” before her retirement

After finishing “Faded,” the short program (SP) themed on the lights and shadows of her skating career, Marin Honda (22) could not hold back her tears on the ice.

After her last performance as an active skater at “All-Japan Figure Skating Championships 2023” held on December 21 last year, a skater rushed to her as she came back to the Mixed Zone, overcome with emotion. It was Uno Masama (26), who has been in a relationship with Marin for some time.

As Uno approached Marin, the two skaters were completely on stage together. The world champion and the former world junior queen impressed the media and other people who were present with their “ice-melting love.

Uno, who was watching from the audience, said, “If I had watched it alone, I would have cried for sure. In January this year, Marin announced her retirement. She has become a professional skater and continues to perform in ice shows. In parallel, she has become a brand ambassador. Uno, on the other hand, is working hard to adjust for the World Championships, which will start on March 18 in Montreal, Canada,” said a reporter from a skating magazine.

Three months have passed since the day they proudly showed their two-shot in front of the media. This time, we found a handsome scene of them in the city.

It was an early March evening when FRIDAY spotted Marin and Uno walking proudly in one of Tokyo’s most prestigious celebrity towns. Though Marin was wearing a mask and a black cap pulled over her eyes, she had long arms and legs, and her style was evident.

With their fingers intertwined with each other’s, they headed for a popular chain of cafes that insists on domestic roasting.

While Marin was saving a seat, Uno was taking her order, showing her “coordinated play. Uno brought a tray with two hot drinks and a cake on it, and they sat facing each other at a table for two.

We shared the cake quietly, though there was little conversation and our eyes remained down on our phones. It showed the length of their relationship and the carefree nature of their relationship. Halfway through the conversation, Marin left the table, but Uno stayed for about 30 minutes,” said a customer who was in the restaurant.

Later, Uno met up with Marin, who was probably on her way home from shopping, outside the store, and they started walking hand in hand again.

After stopping at a high-end supermarket on the way to the store, they headed for a newly built condominium tower. As they approached the entrance, perhaps concerned about being seen, they let go of each other’s hands and Uno went in first. Then, a few seconds later, Marin entered the tower apartment. It seems that it is Uno, who is four years older than Marin, who is leading the relationship. Their relationship was going well.

Marin’s official height is 163cm and Uno’s is 158cm. The height difference between them is more noticeable than the numbers, probably because Marin was wearing thick-soled boots.
Marin Honda and Masama Uno on a date at sunset.
Marin Honda & Masama Uno on a date at sunset
Marin Honda & Masama Uno on a date at sunset
From Marin Honda’s Instagram
From Marin Honda’s Instagram
From Marin Honda’s Instagram
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