Is this really Yuzu’s words?” Yuzuru Hanyu’s emotional “rebuttal statement” was met with “a lot of discomfort” from fans. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Is this really Yuzu’s words?” Yuzuru Hanyu’s emotional “rebuttal statement” was met with “a lot of discomfort” from fans.

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Yuzuru Hanyu’s “3-month divorce” continues to cause a stir. What does the “out of control” social networking site mean? ……

On December 26, Yuzuru Hanyu, the two-time Olympic figure skating champion, updated his official SNS. He revealed his feelings on the matter. On his official Instagram

Thank you so much to all my fans and supporters…! I will skate as hard as I can for a long, long time!

But what he wrote after that was harsh.

The accompanying photo reads

《I have been lying and delusional ever since I was a teenager, and articles are coming out with stories about people involved that I have never even met…It’s interesting. I will put all my strength, spirit, skill, and self into skating.

he commented. On his official X, he also commented

I’m amazed that the article is based on such terrible “delusions,” “imagination,” and “lies. It’s amazing. Even if I win the lawsuit, nothing good will come out of it, so I won’t do it.

I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself (Hanyu Yui).

I’m sorry, but these are my own words!

I’m sorry, but these are my (Yuzuru Hanyu’s) own words! This is thought to have been taken in consideration of the articles about his divorce that will appear in the “Shukan Bunshun” and “Shukan Shincho” magazines on sale on August 27.

Hanyu married violinist A in August of this year, but reported their divorce on November 17, only three months later.

However, some fans are uncomfortable with the text on the SNS. At the end of the sentence

It’s my (Yuzuru Hanyu’s) own words!

but when contrasted with Hanyu’s usual character, some fans felt that

I have never seen Yuzu (Hanyu) so aggressive.

“Are these really Yuzu’s words?

A female fan who has been with Hanyu for 10 years said, “The information began to leak from his ex-wife’s side.

I wonder if he would use such provocative words as, “Even if he wins the lawsuit, it won’t do him any good,” he said. He has devoted his life to figure skating, and has trained hard even after he retired from the front line. Would such a person use such foul language as ‘delusional,’ ‘lie,’ and ‘lawsuit’?

Indeed, the sentences on the social networking site were sarcastic and emotional. Rather than putting out the fire, it was certain to provoke the “Shukan Bunshun” and “Shukan Shincho” further, and it is not surprising that fans are calling for calm.

Bunshun and Shincho both reported new information about his divorced ex-wife, Ms. A. Bunshun reported that Ms. A’s “wife” was “a very nice woman. In the Bunshun article, a person who is Ms. A’s “guardian” was quoted under his own name as saying, “Hanyu is a liar. Shincho interviewed Ms. A directly.

Neither of these articles were written based on “delusion” or “lies,” and inquiries were made to Hanyu’s side to confirm the facts. I think it’s unreasonable to categorize them as gossip.

As for the cause of his divorce from Ms. A, Hanyu emphasized that some of his fans and the media stalked him and gave “unauthorized interviews,” which destroyed the peace of their marriage, and explained that he stepped down to “protect” her.

I believe that Hanyu’s side is becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility that this “story” may collapse in the future, now that information has been leaked from Ms. A’s side.

The text on the SNS sounds as if they are saying to their fans, ‘This kind of article will appear in the future, but please don’t believe it.

(Sports reporter, above) “In the first place, there are suspicions that the SNS messages were not from Hanyu, but from his mother or sister. (A reporter from a sports newspaper). According to a person related to figure skaters

It is no exaggeration to say that Mr. Hanyu’s family is very close, and his mother and sister are managing him. Mr. Hanyu has full trust in his family.

The figure is said to have been a close friend of Mr. Hanyu’s after his divorce.

Hanyu has begun to distance himself from the media, with whom he had been in close contact, following his divorce. I hope he doesn’t become the “king of nakedness.” ……

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