Allegations of bullying, forbidden love affairs, singing ability controversy… The special reason why “Le Seraphim” has been in a series of troubles and under fire from critics. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Allegations of bullying, forbidden love affairs, singing ability controversy… The special reason why “Le Seraphim” has been in a series of troubles and under fire from critics.

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Performance at one of the world’s largest music festivals “Coachella Festival

They have participated in the “NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen” for two consecutive years, their albums have sold millions of copies, and they have won many awards including the “Asia Artist Awards” Best Artist Award. ……

Nowadays, the Korean girl group “LE SSERAFIM” is gaining worldwide popularity. The group includes Japanese members such as Sakira Miyawaki and Kazuha, and all members have more than 40 million followers on Instagram. However, such a big artist group has been in constant trouble since their debut. Let us take a look back at the turmoil and introduce the background of the problems.

Le Seraphim,” which debuted in May 2010, started out with six members. However, soon after, one of the members, G, took a leave of absence and left the group due to mental health reasons.

There were rumors on the Internet even before the group’s debut about an alleged bully named “G.” An anonymous person who attended the same junior high school as “G” was involved in the group’s activities. An anonymous person who went to the same junior high school as G wrote, ‘I was threatened by G for about a year and suffered mental stress,’ and ‘I changed schools because of the bullying,’ and a captured image of a messenger application was uploaded in which G allegedly wrote, ‘Answer my phone or I’ll kill you. (Reporter from a Korean newspaper)

Uploaded video of G giving the middle finger

G denied the bullying allegations, but criticism poured in, especially on the Internet. He suffered psychological damage and had to suspend his entertainment activities.

The uproar continued to occur frequently after the start of this year. The April 11 issue of Shukan Bunshun (Weekly Bunshun) reported a “secret yakiniku date” between Kazuha and a popular boy group member.

Kazuha said, “Their relationship has been known for some time. However, since the two had just debuted together, they were persuaded by those around them to concentrate on their work, and they broke up at one point. However, a man and woman in love do not part easily. According to the magazine, when Kazuha came to Japan, they were said to have met secretly in a private room of a high-class yakiniku restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. If true, it is a forbidden passionate love affair.

On April 14, a controversy over the singing ability of “Le Seraphim” was also raised.

After the performance at the Coachella Festival, one of the world’s largest music festivals held in California, there were criticisms on social networking sites such as, “There is a problem with her singing ability. After her performance at the Coachella Festival in California, the world’s largest music festival, she was criticized on social networking sites such as for her singing ability. Of course, there were many who praised the performance, saying, “It was wonderful.

However, when one of the members uploaded (now deleted) a video of a female singer from the U.S. giving the middle finger to the audience on his social networking site, it caused even more of a stir. The video was blamed for the flames, saying that it was an insult to the fans.

Why is “Le Seraphim” in constant trouble despite its worldwide popularity? One of the reasons is the mess at their agency, HYBE (hereafter H).

The management of the parent company ‘H’ and its affiliate ‘ADOR (A)’ are at loggerheads. H’ submitted a complaint to the authorities alleging that representatives of ‘A’ are trying to take away its management rights. On the other hand, the representative of “A” denied taking away management rights and claimed that he was suffering from an unfair contract with “H.” “A” denied that he betrayed “H” and claimed that he was not the one who betrayed “H”. He said that he had not betrayed “H,” but had been betrayed by “H.” The representative of “A” denied that he had taken control of the company.

The representative of “A” also mentioned “Le Seraphim. The group’s promotion was hampered because “H” debuted the group earlier than promised, the representative of “A” claimed. Fans, angered by the infighting, placed many funeral flowers in front of “H’s” office. It may be that “H” is busy confronting “A”‘s management and explaining the situation to fans, and that “Le Seraphim” is behind in its response to the trouble. Criticisms of ‘H’ have probably spread to ‘Le Seraphim’ as well, and are making the trouble worse.

Le Seraphim” is also a victim of the infighting at their agency. It will take a few more days before they can concentrate on their music activities.

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