In 2001, she lived together with a famous actor…Yasuko Tomita, who announced her divorce three years ago, is rumored to be in love with her manager. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In 2001, she lived together with a famous actor…Yasuko Tomita, who announced her divorce three years ago, is rumored to be in love with her manager.

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May ’01, buying food and heading to the apartment where she semi-lives with a famous actor.

Actress Yasuko Tomita (55) announced her divorce.

On March 23, she updated her Instagram. In a handwritten note, she announced, “To all of you who have been supporting me, to everyone concerned, this is a personal matter, but three years ago I got divorced. What is interesting is that he did not disclose his divorce for three years. The reason for this is as follows.

It took time for me to get used to the fact that I was divorced. My partner is a normal person, so I hope you will watch over him quietly.

Tomita married a dancer in June 2007, and they had a baby girl that same year.

She did not disclose her divorce for three years because she valued the image of a good mother. Ms. Tomita has played the role of a mother in many productions, including the hit drama “Runaway is Shameful but Useful” (TBS), starring Yui Aragaki Yui and others. I believe that Ms. Tomita, who values her roles, must have been in a lot of pain before she announced her divorce.

FRIDAY” has been focusing on Tomita’s charms since immediately after her debut in December 1983. Here is a look back at her many love affairs with rare photos.

Spending a night together: ……

In the January 20, 1989 issue, we reported on a “suspicious night” with her manager.

It was after 7:00 in the morning in December 1988 when Mr. A, the manager, came out of Tomita’s apartment. He got into a car parked far away from the apartment, drove to the front of the apartment, and picked up Tomita, who was wearing a black hat. He picked up Tomita, who was wearing a black hat, and headed for his workplace.

If Mr. A visited Mr. Tomita’s room in the morning to take him to work, it would be a natural thing for a manager to do. However, Mr. A came to Mr. Tomita’s apartment the night before. They spent the night together. In her essay-like diary, which had just been published at the time, she and Mr. A were wearing matching clothes, and there were other details about their meaningful relationship,” said a veteran entertainment journalist who knew the story at the time.

It was in the June 29, 2001 issue that the famous actor S, who is currently busy with TV dramas and movies, was caught living together with Tonda.

Tomita was seen riding a folding bicycle in a residential area of Tokyo at the end of May ’01, when the summer sun began to shine. She went to a drugstore and supermarket to buy deodorant and other household items, as well as potatoes and other foodstuffs. After shopping, she headed for a fashionable apartment nearby.

The apartment was Ms. Tomita’s home at the time. S, a younger actor, used to visit there often. They became involved in a relationship after they performed together on stage. The food that Mr. Tomita bought was probably for a dinner with Mr. S.” (A veteran reporter for a sports newspaper)

(A veteran reporter of a sports newspaper). At the time, S’s agency admitted to the relationship when interviewed by this magazine. A marriage theory even emerged, but the relationship broke up after about five years. Tomita chose as her partner a man who had just announced his divorce.

Tomita has chosen a new path. We wish her all the best for the future.

November 15, ’85 issue. With Naofumi Konoue, a scriptwriter who had professed to be a big fan of Tomita. Tomita was 16 years old at the time.
February 19, 1988 issue. Four beautiful girls at the height of their popularity. From left to right: Goto Kumiko, Sayuri Kunio, Yoko Minamino, and Tomita.
January 20, 1989 issue. Riding in a car driven by their manager, who was rumored to be a member of the group.
April 17, 1992 issue. On the set of a TV drama
June 29, 2001 issue. Going out from the apartment where she was semi-living with actor S.
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