Hakuho Faces Further Humiliation: Bowing to Terunofuji His Junior, Amid Transfer to Isekehama Stable | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hakuho Faces Further Humiliation: Bowing to Terunofuji His Junior, Amid Transfer to Isekehama Stable

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Hakuho leaves the venue with a bag believed to be from the luxury brand Goyard during the Osaka tournament.

The Miyagino stable’s transfer to the Isekehama stable was decided.

The decision was made official at a meeting of the board of directors of the Japan Sumo Association held on The official decision was made at the Japan Sumo Association’s board of directors meeting held on March 28th. Former yokozuna Hakuho’s master Miyagino (39) was removed from his role as master due to the violence caused by Kitaseiho (retired), who slapped his younger disciple’s testicles, etc., and was replaced by Tamagaki of the Isegahama clan at the Osaka tournament, which was held until March 24th. The master (formerly Komusubi and Tomohana) was acting on his behalf.

The Isekehama stable has about 20 rikishi, including Takeruji, who won the Osaka tournament as a newly promoted wrestler for the first time in 110 years. The people around him are concerned about the relationship between Hakuho and a certain leading rikishi.

It’s our time.


This is Yokozuna Terunofuji, the head of the Isegahama stable. Terunofuji is a junior from Mongolia like Hakuho. However, there is a connection between the two. The trigger was an incident that occurred in October 2017, Yokozuna Haruma. This is an incident of assault by Fuji on Hiramaku and Takanoiwa (all rankings were at the time).On that day, a dinner party was being held with several Mongolian sumo wrestlers including Hakuho in preparation for a tour in Tottori.

At this time, Hakuho questioned Takanoiwa, “Isn’t it true that you’re saying that it’s our era from now on?” Furthermore, it is said that he made Terunofuji sit up straight and finally lectured him, “Don’t forget the kindness of your seniors.” Terunofuji suffered from a knee injury that required him to undergo surgery many times, causing him to fall from Ozeki. It seems that he still suffers from bad knees due to the influence of the seiza sermon at that time.

It is not surprising that Terunofuji still holds a grudge against Hakuho’s sermon. According to the March 28 issue of Shukan Bunshun, Terunofuji met Hakuho, who had declared that he would bet his career in the hallway after the Nagoya tournament in July 2021. He said in Mongolian, “Your time is over. In a fit of rage, Hakuho hit Terunofuji with a powerful elbow and slammed him into the ring, causing him to strike a gut-punching pose and let out a yell.

Two people who have such a connection will be in the same room.There is a possibility that Terunofuji will not listen to what Hakuho, who has become his master, will even rebel against him.Furthermore, it will be a humiliating situation for Hakuho. This is becoming a reality.You may end up giving in to your juniors.

Isekehama Oyakata will retire next July. Then Terunofuji, who is suffering from a knee injury, may retire and become the master of the Isekehama stable. Hakuho will work under Terunofuji as a stablemaster. It would be quite a humiliation for the grand champion, who won a record 45 makunouchi championships,” said a sports newspaper reporter.

Hakuho’s feelings must not be at peace now that he has been transferred to the Isekehama stable. His future as a yokozuna is very bleak.

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