Reina Triendl Dazzles in First Post-Marriage Appearance: Radiant Style and Effortless Elegance Accentuate Her Graceful Presence | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Reina Triendl Dazzles in First Post-Marriage Appearance: Radiant Style and Effortless Elegance Accentuate Her Graceful Presence

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Passersby stopped to admire Trindle’s long, white legs.

It was mid-March, in the downtown area near Shibuya Station. A large crowd had formed in front of the Shibuya store of the fashion brand CHARLES & KEITH, which had just opened on the first floor of a newly built building. In front of it stands a staff member wearing a black suit, and inside the store, which is entirely made of glass, a large number of staff members dressed in all black are busy moving around. At the center of the scene is a lone female model wearing an all-white dress. Her name is Reina Triendl (32). On this day, she attended a party to celebrate the store’s opening and the debut of the L’initial collection.


It was on January 19 that she announced her marriage to actor Naohiro Yamamoto (29) in a blitz on her SNS. She added a photo of herself in a pure white wedding dress cuddling with Yamamoto, who was dressed in a suit,

I will continue to work hard every day, valuing each job so that I can make everyone smile.

Triendl said that she would continue to work as usual after her marriage. This was Triendl’s first public appearance since her marriage.

 The photo was taken with Triendl in the venue, but was it a service shot or was it done in a position that was clearly visible to onlookers? Her long bare legs were visible and her outstanding style was as usual.

FRIDAY has reported on Trindle’s dainty appearance not only at events but also in her private life. We want to take a look back at the woman who continues to shine no matter what the occasion.

Directly from Norika’s wedding venue to Hawaii. What was the purpose of her trip?

In late September 2016, the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo was packed with guests for the wedding reception of Ainosuke Kataoka and Norika Fujiwara. A beautiful woman was walking out of the venue and getting into a shuttle. She was Reina Triendl, dressed in a black dress.

At the time, it was reported that Trindl was in a relationship with Shichinosuke Nakamura, but it didn’t last long and they broke up. However, Trindl, who is a Kabuki fan, seemed to be having fun, taking commemorative photos with a man in Japanese clothing who seemed to be involved in Kabuki.

The car was headed to the international terminal of Haneda Airport. After getting out of the car, Triendl changed into a beige knit and black pants. She then went to Hawaii for work. Triendl, who had just been shown someone else’s happiness at a wedding reception, seemed to be putting love aside for the moment and pushing forward with her work.

On March 27, Triendl updated her SNS and revealed her hairstyle, which had been drastically changed to a very short haircut. The social networking service responded, “She really looks like Audrey Hepburn! Triendl’s hairstyle is something only she could pull off. It seems that even as a new wife, Triendl will continue to please her fans with her dainty appearance.

In September ’16, Triendl headed directly to Haneda Airport from the venue of Ainosuke Kataoka and Norika Fujiwara’s wedding reception.
Triendl shopping at a convenience store in October ’16.
Triendl at the “Jewelry Best Dresser Award” ceremony in October ’16.
Triendl at IOFT2016 & Japan Eyeglass Best Dresser Award.
Triendl at the OSMIC FIRST series new brand presentation in April 2022.
Triendl at the “CHARLES & KEITH” Shibuya store opening event.
Triendl showing her belly-short hair (from her Instagram @toritori0123)
  • PHOTO Sota Shima (2nd photo), Takao Kawakami (3rd photo), Kazuhiko Nakamura (4th to 6th photos)

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