Asakayama Oyakata in the spotlight due to the Hakuho problem… The human power of Kaio, the greatest ozeki in history, who embodied “gentle in spirit but powerful in power | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Asakayama Oyakata in the spotlight due to the Hakuho problem… The human power of Kaio, the greatest ozeki in history, who embodied “gentle in spirit but powerful in power

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Asakayama Oyakata, former Kaio, looks at Yokozuna Hakuho during the ’17 Nagoya tournament.

Since before the March tournament, the Grand Sumo Association has been rocked by the issue of former yokozuna Hakuho’s (Miyagino) treatment at the Miyagino stable.

At one point, some said that the association executives were discussing eliminating the room, but on March 10, Asakayama Oyakata, the stablemaster of former ozeki Kaio, also a member of the Isegahama clan, said, “There is absolutely no such thing,

However, on March 10, Asakayama Oyakata, a former ozeki and a member of the Isegahama clan, denied such a thing.

He denied it. He said that he had submitted several proposals to the executive committee of the JSA,

The lives of many people are at stake. I can’t say anything appropriate. I don’t even know if it will pass or not.

He declined to give further details. Later, it was reported that final arrangements were being made to transfer Asakayama Oyakata to the Asakayama stable, where he is the master, in a bilateral agreement between master and apprentice,

Asakayama Oyakata told Nikkan Sports on April 17, “I have talked with the executive board, but I don’t know how it will turn out. I have already told them what I think of them.

He explained, “I have already told them what I think about it.

There are strong voices in the Ichimon and in the executive committee that favor a lump transfer to the Asakayama stable. The rest is up to Asakayama Oyakata, who has a character of not being able to refuse a request. It seems that the decision has almost been made in that direction.

Asakayama Oyakata is suddenly attracting a lot of attention, but since his active days he has been known as a man of moderate character, the embodiment of the ideal sumo wrestler: “In his prime, Asakayama Oyakata was a one-handed rinpai.

In his prime, he was the strongest of all rikishi, squeezing an apple with one hand and shaking off a survey meter that could weigh up to 100 kilograms. He drank heavily and was also known for his bad drinking habits (laughs). At first glance, he appears to be a bold man, but he is extremely mild-mannered and shy. It is said that until he became a juryo rikishi, he could hardly talk to other rikishi.

Perhaps the episode with former ozeki Chishio-Okai (now the Kuju stablemaster) that best symbolizes Kaio’s good-natured personality is the following: ”On the third day of the January tournament in 2010, Kaio defeated Chishio-Okai to set a new makuuchi record of 808 victories. On the third day of the January 2010 tournament, Kaio set a new record with a total of 808 wins in the makuuchi division by defeating Chiyotaoumi. He broke Yokozuna Chiyonofuji’s record for the first time in 19 years. However, Kaio declined an interview with Chishiooumi, who had decided to retire after that bout. About that time, Kokonoe Oyakata said, “Normally, I wouldn’t have refused [an interview],

He said, “Normally, I couldn’t refuse an interview, but he said, ‘You know the relationship between me and Chiyodaoumi. You know my relationship with Chiyotaoumi. There is no way I can go to a winner’s interview when I might retire today. …… When I heard Kaio-san said that, I cried in the bathroom.

(Number Web, September 10, 2010). He also had this episode with Chiyodaoumi: …….

On the 10th day of the July ’11 tournament, when Kaio was down 3-7 and almost certain to lose, he decided to retire. Even if he had lost the next tournament, he would have been able to set a new record by surpassing Chiyotaoumi with 66 ozeki stints if he had competed in the next tournament as a kadoban. However, it is said that he decided to retire out of consideration for Chiyotaikai,” said a sumo magazine reporter.

Kaio’s chance for promotion to yokozuna came in 2004. After winning his fifth championship at the Autumn Tournament, Kaio went on to win the following Kyushu Tournament with a record of 12 wins and three losses.

At the time, Kaio had been without a Japanese yokozuna for more than a year, and although he had missed two consecutive tournaments, he was the runner-up after defeating yokozuna Asashoryu in the last round, so everyone thought he would be promoted to yokozuna, but he was passed over,” said an association official at the time.

However, Kaio never complained about the decision.

The criteria for promotion were very strict at the time. Furthermore, Kaio, who knew best how strong Takanohana was, who was a yokozuna at the same time, compared himself to Takanohana and told everyone around him that he was not of that caliber. I think he was satisfied with the decision.

The transfer of Miyagino Oyakata and his disciples to the Asakayama stable was discussed on social networking sites,

I think Mr. Asakayama, who has a big heart and a strong sense of responsibility, will accept the transfer.

I think we should definitely not do this. I think we should definitely not do this.

The overwhelming majority of people were concerned about it, such as ……. Former Sumo Association external committee member and cartoonist Yaku Mitsuru said, “Kaio in his active days was a very strong wrestler.

Kaio in his active days was the epitome of the ideal Japanese sumo wrestler, and he was very popular. Hakuho is the opposite of Kaio. Asakayama Oyakata himself is the kind of person who quietly watches over his disciples rather than verbally tells them what to do, so we will have to see how Miyagino Oyakata behaves under him. …. I have a feeling there will still be a stir.”

Asakayama Oyakata is said to be one of the top candidates to be the president of the board of trustees in the future, along with Nisshonoseki Oyakata, the former yokozuna Rarezato. We will have to wait and see.

March 10, the first night of the spring tournament. Hakuho leaves the venue carrying a bag that appears to belong to the luxury brand Goyard.

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