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WHITE SCORPION Serialization [Part 4] NATSU: “I want to be someone who shocks people”

A special series of articles on the true faces of the idol group "WHITE SCORPION" produced by Akimoto Yasushi!

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After undergoing the “IDOL3.0 PROJECT” audition for about six months starting in April 2023, the idol group “WHITE SCORPION” was formed under the comprehensive production of Yasushi Akimoto.


They debuted on December 7, 2023, with their digital single “Gaze Sniper.” Releasing new songs every month, their 4th digital single “Loneliness in the Crowd” is set to be released on March 7.


A special series delving into their personal lives begins, aiming to uncover their true selves.


In the fourth installment, we bring you an in-depth interview with Natsu!

NATSU was born on July 16 in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Auditioning in Despair Twice

── It’s been about three months since your debut in December last year. How do you feel now?

“To be honest, I didn’t feel the reality of my debut when it was decided. It wasn’t until I performed in front of fans for the first time at the pre-release event for our debut single ‘Gaze Sniper’ that I finally felt it. Finally, I realized that I’m standing on stage as an idol.”

── What inspired you, Natsu, to become an idol?

“When I was in the first year of junior high school, I skipped club activities to attend the ‘Summer Sonic’ festival. I was there to see amazarashi, but that day, Keyakizaka46 (now Sakurazaka46) was also performing. I listened to Keyakizaka46’s ‘Futari Saison’ and was deeply moved by how beautifully they played music. I realized that idols are the ones who can create such beautiful music, and that’s when I decided to become an idol.”

── And then, you auditioned for WACK, your previous agency, and passed, joining the training group WAgg. Your idol activities aimed to promote to the ranks of senior groups like BiSH, BiS, and GANG PARADE began.

“That was when I was in the second year of junior high school. Before that, I had auditioned for other agencies and even submitted documents for Keyakizaka46’s audition around the same time as WACK’s audition. Among those, when I passed the audition for WACK, I thought that if I was chosen, it must be fate, so I decided to join WAgg. But unfortunately, WAgg’s activities ended in October 2022.”

─ But I couldn’t give up on my idol career there.

“When you’re alive, there are various choices you can make. In my case, when I stopped being an idol, it was during my third year of high school, so I could have chosen to find a job or go to college. But around that time, I went to see a festival at the Kyocera Dome called ‘KCON,’ where Korean idols performed. I also saw various other idol groups, and I felt a sense of regret and dissatisfaction that I wanted to be on stage more. That’s when I started aiming to become an idol again. That’s when I found out about the audition for WHITE SCORPION. I think I saw it through an advertisement on Instagram.”

── Did you apply right away?

“Yes. Without hesitation, I applied immediately.”

─ ─ Looking back on the audition, what was the most memorable moment?

“What stands out to me is experiencing two eliminations during the audition process (I didn’t pass the evaluations in both the 1st and 2nd stages of the camp where 114 participants took part). I felt despair after the first elimination, and even more so after the second. However, I was given a chance to challenge again through the ‘White Knight System’ (a system applied in this audition where eliminated contestants can be revived by fan votes), and here I am now. Since I was eliminated twice, I felt a bit guilty that fans had to support me again to revive me, even though they had already supported me once through the White Knight System.”

── It seems like those experiences might have fostered a strong determination within you.

“Being revived twice through the White Knight System changed my perception of what an idol is for me. Previously, I thought an idol was someone who existed independently, almost like an already perfect and unreachable entity. However, after experiencing revival through the White Knight System, I began to think that it’s also good to be an idol who creates together with fans, with everyone lending a hand.”

─ ─ I think you have grown in some areas through the auditions.

“I think I’ve grown quite a bit in terms of switching my mindset. Whatever has happened cannot be changed, so it’s all about moving forward. I try to focus on what’s to come. Achieving my dream of standing on stage again as an idol and making my debut has allowed me to accept bitter memories from the past.”

── On the other hand, did you find any challenges through the audition process?

“After the audition, what I often hear from choreographers and others is that ‘Natsu doesn’t acknowledge her own strengths.’ I often receive compliments about my singing, but when I compare myself to even more amazing artists like aimyon or Da-iCE, I still feel like I have a long way to go. But I’m told to ‘stop comparing yourself to others and acknowledge your strengths.’ So, that’s a challenge for me. However, I do feel like I’m gradually learning to acknowledge myself without comparing to others.”

── Among all the idols, including yourself in WHITE SCORPION, who are currently active, what do you think is your unique weapon or personality?

“I would say it’s my love for music. I have confidence that it’s stronger than other idols. I sing, I create, and I listen. This love has been with me since elementary school, when I used to spend a lot of time at home. When I came home from school, the first thing I did was open my computer and watch Nico Nico Douga. That’s where I discovered Neru, the Vocaloid producer (who wrote and composed Ado’s song ‘Asura-chan’). I fell in love with their music. I saw a comment on Neru’s video saying, ‘This song sounds like amazarashi,’ and that’s how I discovered amazarashi. Since then, I’ve always loved music. Even in high school, my grades were mostly around 3s or 2s, but my music grades were always a perfect 10 (laughs).”

── What do you find so appealing about music, something you’ve loved for so long?

“I think it’s the impact. I love the sensation of sound resonating in my ears. When I’m struck by music, I feel like I can transform. It’s like I can become someone else, somewhere else. Even now, there are times when I lose track of time just listening to music, but during those moments, I feel like I can find solace in a different world from my everyday life.”

── Despite getting busier, what brings you the most happiness in your personal time?

“The time I spend making music. I hope to be able to share it someday. Also, I find happiness in connecting my YouTube to the TV and just streaming music endlessly. I often listen to Vocaloid music that influenced me. Additionally, I enjoy listening to rock music. When I was in my third year of high school, I learned about the history of rock music in class, which led me to start listening to Western rock. Through the class, I discovered artists like Elvis Presley and KISS, and then I learned about QUEEN. Now, every night, I listen to QUEEN’s ‘Killer Queen.’ It feels like my brain is melting as I listen (laughs), but it’s incredibly soothing.”

── You really have a passion for music. Besides music, what other things do you enjoy?

“It’s kind of like a routine, but I read every night before bed. I read business books and novels. As for novelists, I like Yasutaka Tsutsui. I discovered him through the anime movie ‘Paprika’ and wanted to read the original work. Also, I have a cat, and I hold a qualification called the ‘Cat Certification Exam,’ although I’m still at the beginner level. My goal is to obtain the advanced level certification. I’m studying for it so that I can proudly say, ‘I’m an advanced-level idol in the Cat Certification Exam!’ The beginner level covers understanding things like where to place a litter box, but the advanced level even involves legal matters.”

I want my sister in the U.S. to see me on stage.

── Could you share your future goals as a member of WHITE SCORPION?

“As a group, our goal is to expand globally, but personally, before that, I have a goal of performing on the stage of Nippon Budokan. I’ve seen many idols aim for Budokan, and if we could deliver our music in such a historic place, that would be incredible.”

── Global expansion is a huge goal, what’s your current vision?

“I’ve never been outside Japan, so I can’t imagine what the scenery is like… but I would love to visit America. My older sister is a ballet dancer and currently studying in the States. So, performing with WHITE SCORPION in America and having my sister come to our concert would make me incredibly happy!”


── You reunited with NICO, whom you worked with in WAgg, in WHITE SCORPION.

“It’s like a miracle. When NICO left WACK, she said she was done with being an idol, so I was really surprised to see her at the third audition for WHITE SCORPION. I was like, ‘Why are you here?’ (laughs). When I was feeling down after being eliminated in the audition, NICO would tell me, ‘There’s always next time,’ and I think I was supported by her strong determination. Now, I see her as a lifelong comrade.”

── Looking ahead, what kind of idol do you aspire to be?

“I hope to become someone who can give others the same impact as the music I love!”




Born on July 16th, from Kanagawa Prefecture.

Hobbies: Karaoke, reading, UFO catchers.

Special skills: Music production, creating 10-second catchphrases, sharing knowledge about cats.

  • Interview and text by Kazunori Okubo Photographed by Masaru Kumaki Stylist Yuri Kasahara Hair & Make-up Shiho Kato

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