WHITE SCORPION Serialization [Part 3] NICO: “I jumped in thinking it was my last bet. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

WHITE SCORPION Serialization [Part 3] NICO: “I jumped in thinking it was my last bet.

A special series of articles on the true faces of the idol group "WHITE SCORPION," produced by Akimoto Yasushi, has begun!

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The idol group “WHITE SCORPION” (White Scorpion), produced by Akimoto Yasushi, was formed through the “IDOL 3.0 PROJECT” audition held for about six months from April ’23.

They debuted on December 7, 2011 with the single “Gaze Sniper,” and their third single “Emergency Measures” was released on February 7, 2011.

A special series of articles on the girls’ personal lives has begun.

In this third installment of the series, we present a long interview with NICO!

NICO was born on May 23 in Toyama Prefecture.

Because of her idol experience in the past, she has a lot to say about herself.

You made your debut in December as a member of WHITE SCORPION. What do you feel about your activities now?

I think it’s hard to go to bed early and get up early (laughs). I used to go to bed at any time I wanted and wake up at any time I wanted, so my life has changed completely since joining WHITE SCORPION. I feel very happy that I have so much to do every day. Now that I am on the threshold of my dream, I have to work even harder.

─ Did you have a somewhat irregular lifestyle before?

When I lived in my hometown in Toyama, if I had nothing to do, I would get up around noon, have a leisurely dinner, go for a drive to the ocean with friends, and return home after watching the sunrise (laughs). (Laughs.) I loved looking at the local sea, and I would go to the sea even when I wanted to think. But I got away from those days and came to this world.

─ ─ Were you no longer satisfied with your “normal” life in your hometown?

Since I was in junior high school, I couldn’t imagine a future in which I could go on to a normal high school. My mother was a nurse, so I guess there was an option to go into that field, but it was a bit difficult with my academic ability (laughs). (Laughs.) So, I wanted to do something that I couldn’t do in Toyama!  I thought to myself.

And that is how I ended up becoming an idol.

I saw AKB48, Momoiro Clover Z, and Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku collaborate at the FNS Music Festival. I thought idols were cute and sparkling, and I thought, ‘I want to do something like that too! I thought, ‘I want to do something like that, too! Then, my mother, who liked BiSH’s music, found an audition sponsored by WACK (the entertainment agency to which BiSH belongs). I applied for it in the spring of my second year of junior high school.

─ ─ In WACK, she was a member of the project group WAgg. However, their activities ended in October 2010, and they were no longer under contract with their agency.

I learned a lot of etiquette during my time in WAgg, and I think that’s why I’m here now,” he said. When it was decided that I would debut with WHITE SCORPION, I called Mr. Watanabe (Junnosuke, representative of WACK) first. He said, “I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything for you,” but I told him, “I will go beyond the past! I told him (laughs). I am now putting my life on the line for WHITE SCORPION, and I want people to see that.

How did you find out about the WHITE SCORPION audition?

I hadn’t been following any idol-related information for about a year. But for me, who had moved to Tokyo in the second year of junior high school and had been active as an idol for about four years, my daily life after returning to my hometown seemed a bit boring. At that time, my mother found this audition again. When I looked at the details of the audition, I saw that one of the concepts of the project was ‘aiming for the world,’ so I thought that this would be the place where I could fulfill what I was looking for.

So I applied for the audition, thinking it was my last gamble and that I wanted to be an idol again. I knew the satisfaction that can only come from being an idol, and I couldn’t go back to my daily life. So I went into the contest with the strong feeling that it was my last gamble.

─ ─ After all the emotions swirling around you, I think you imposed something on yourself by making it your “last gamble. What did you gain during the audition period?

I had a fear of being on stage because of my past experience as an idol, and there was a part of me that thought about what I was going to say. But there were many girls in this audition who had no idol experience, and they had the strength to say what they did because they knew nothing about it. Hearing their words made me realize that I was starting from scratch with them in this group, and that I should not be afraid to express what I wanted to say. I feel that I received such honest feelings from everyone.

I would like to participate in the Coachella Festival someday!

─ I’m sure you went through some tough times during the audition process.

There was a girl who I became very close with through the audition, but she didn’t make it. I was very emotional and sad, thinking that we had worked so hard together up to this point.

─ Through the audition process, did you see what you are lacking now?

Through the audition process, did you find out what you are lacking now? I have always had a tendency to think too deeply, and I am not good at looking at myself objectively. So when I think about something, I need to take a breath and learn to look at myself calmly.

─ Being a member of WHITE SCORPION also reunited me with NATSU, a colleague of mine from my WAgg days.

I bumped into him at the third round and said, “Why are you here?I think NATSU was also surprised to see me. We were rivals during the audition period, but since we were originally members of the same group, we were willing to support each other when we could. Now that we are working together again, I feel that WHITE SCORPION has various types of songs and 11 different singers with 11 different voices, but with NATSU’s presence, the quality and strength of the songs really come out. I think her voice is a weapon that NATSU possesses.

─ ─ Even so, it was a fateful reunion, wasn’t it?

I think it was fate…… inevitable. At the time of WAgg, even though we were in the same group, each of us was in a personal competition to be promoted from the training group to belong to the senior group, so I always felt rivalry with NATSU. But now we are working together as WHITE SCORPION, aiming for the world, so I have a strong feeling that we have become true friends here.

I feel that we have become true friends here.” “WHITE SCORPION has unique members, and other groups have idols with a wide variety of charms. What do you think is your strength in your performance?

Powerful. Because I am tall, if I am not careful even a little, I look sloppy and my dance becomes uninspiring. I’ve had the mindset to give it my all since my days at WAgg!

─ What is your dream as a group?

I think WHITE SCORPION can make it happen.

─ What are your personal goals?

I hope to achieve results as a group, and then someday I would like to be able to perform as a solo artist. My recent dream is to become a model for purikura machines!  I love taking purikura pictures.

Born on May 23rd in Toyama Prefecture.
Hobbies: Visiting coffee shops, eating out, visiting nature.
Special skills: Eating anything, playing a role, speed to get along with babies

  • Interview and text by Kazunori Okubo Photographed by Masaru Kumaki Stylist Yuri Kasahara Hair & Make-up Kana Kitahara

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