Mother’s Startling Statement with Putin’s Rumored New Lover in Bare-Faced Photograph | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mother’s Startling Statement with Putin’s Rumored New Lover in Bare-Faced Photograph

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President Vladimir Putin reportedly has a new girlfriend

Multiple media outlets, including the “New York Post” in the United States, reported surprising news on February 20th.

It’s said that Russian President Vladimir Putin (71) has found a new girlfriend, and she’s 32 years younger. Her name is Ekaterina Mizurina (39), a British art historian.


“Mizurina is also the representative of the ‘Safe Internet League,’ which supports censorship efforts by the Russian government, among other activities. She graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. In 2017, she served as an interpreter when Russian government officials visited China.

According to Russian activist Olga Romanova, who spoke about their relationship, Mizurina is described as ‘a blonde Barbie doll-like woman, fitting President Putin’s tastes.’ Mizurina has frequently advocated for ‘liberating Ukraine’ and has consistently supported President Putin’s policies.” (National newspaper journalist)

The biggest enemy is old age.


Russian President Putin divorced his former wife in June 2013. Currently, it is said that he is in a relationship with Alina Kabaeva, the gold medalist in rhythmic gymnastics at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Why has the speculation about a new girlfriend surfaced at this particular time? According to Hitoshi Nakamura, a professor emeritus at the University of Tsukuba who is well-versed in Russian affairs, there may be a motive behind Putin’s actions.

“President Putin’s greatest enemy is aging. Next month (March), there will be a presidential election in Russia, and by circulating information about a new girlfriend who is 32 years younger, he likely wants to showcase his youthfulness. He probably wants to assert that he is still vigorous and active.”

Mizurina’s mother is Elena Mizurina, a prominent law professor who graduated from a prestigious national university. She is also known as a hardline member of the pro-Putin faction in the Russian parliament. Professor Nakamura continues:

“In November 2014, she unveiled a shocking proposal in the Russian parliament. She argued that Putin’s sperm should be distributed to all Russian women. Women who became mothers would receive subsidies, and if their child was a boy, they would be eligible to receive elite education at a military academy… The idea was to have the offspring inheriting Putin’s excellent genes become leaders and drive society forward, ensuring a bright future for Russia. While the plan was outrageously far-fetched and never implemented.”

Perhaps because of Putin’s high approval rating, which exceeds 80%, he may feel that any information is permissible if it suits his interests. There seems to be some hidden intention behind reports originating from Russia about President Putin.

Mizrina rumored to be dating President Vladimir Putin
Art scholar and head of an online company
Her mother was also in the spotlight for her startling remarks to Congress
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