Two days after his speech, Vladimir Prigogine was killed in the bombing of his ally, Vladimir Putin, one after another in a “horrifying list of victims” of Putin’s strong-arm rule. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Two days after his speech, Vladimir Prigogine was killed in the bombing of his ally, Vladimir Putin, one after another in a “horrifying list of victims” of Putin’s strong-arm rule.

The bombing of Putin's close ally, Prigozhin, was an example to others. One after another, senior military and business leaders have lost their lives. More than 40 people have been killed since the invasion of Ukraine alone.

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The bodies of passengers removed from the private jet on which Prigogine is believed to have been a passenger (from Wagner’s Telegram channel)

Wagner is conducting reconnaissance and search operations here in Africa. Making Russia even greater on every continent and Africa even freer!”

It had been just over two days since Evgeny Prigogine, 62, founder of the private military organization Wagner, gave a powerful speech from what appeared to be Africa.

On August 23, a private jet carrying Prigozhin and three other Wagner executives exploded and crashed mid-flight. All on board were killed, Russian authorities said.

Prigogine, a harsh critic of the Russian military top brass for the lack of equipment on the Ukrainian front, fled to neighboring Belarus after leading Wagner’s forces in the June 24 “Prigogine Rebellion,” which marched some 200 kilometers from the capital, Moscow. His movements were the focus of much attention. Military journalist Fumitaro Kuroi said, “There were whispers of his assassination by the Russian government.

There are whispers of assassination by the Russian government, but I have no doubt that President Vladimir Putin (70) is behind this. It was not surprising that he was the target of an attempt on his life immediately after the uprising, but the fact that he lost his life two months later suggests that President Putin was keeping him in the dark.

What the president is most alarmed about is the leak of classified information about himself. He must have spent the last two months trying to figure out who Prigogine was in contact with and decided he didn’t need to keep him in the dark any longer.

Under Putin’s regime, a number of people who stood up to the government have lost their lives in the past. After the invasion of Ukraine last February, “the trend has become even stronger,” says international journalist Toshihiro Yamada.

Immediately after the military invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, ’22, more than 40 influential people in Russia have died suspicious deaths. All of them had one thing in common: they were either close to President Putin or criticized his invasion of Ukraine. We cannot rule out the possibility that these individuals, who were considered by the president to be obstacles, were killed in the domestic turmoil caused by the invasion of Ukraine.”

Below is a list of the main influential figures who lost their lives after the invasion of Ukraine. They range from executives of the “oligarchs”-new conglomerates that have amassed wealth since the 1990s-to members of the media and state officials, all of whom died in unnatural ways. For example, Sergey Protosegna (second from left in the bottom row) was found hanged to death in his mansion in Spain.

His wife and children were also found dead with stab wounds. Vasily Melnikov (bottom row, second from right) and Vladislav Abaev (top row, far right) also lost their lives along with their families, and Rabil Maganov (middle row, second from right) fell to his death from the window of the hospital where he was admitted due to heart disease and depression.

Itsuro Nakamura, professor emeritus at the University of Tsukuba, adds his own explanation of the assassination.

Speaking of Russia, the use of poisons has been a common method of assassination since the former Russian Empire. President Putin himself was wary of poisoning. He often refrains from eating the food served on his outings. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of cases of “daring to leave evidence.

For example, he would leave a gun, which is only available to government officials, next to the body, implying the involvement of the state. The aim is to make an example of what will happen if they resist President Vladimir Putin. The fact that there are so many business executives is probably due in part to their reluctance to cooperate in the war against Ukraine because they do not want the economic sanctions that would result from a war with Ukraine.

The Putin-terrorist regime has the right to kill or be killed, even key figures. As long as the dictatorship continues, Ukraine will never see a day of rest.

August 2023 bombing
Evgeny Prigozhin, founder of Wagner

An organization called FSB, which is a descendant of the KGB to which President Putin once belonged, is responsible for carrying out the assassination.

Major influential figures confirmed dead after the invasion of Ukraine

Upper row (from right)
April 2022 《Gunshot 》 Vladislav Abaev [former vice president of Gazprombank
May 2022 《Gunshot to death》 Vladimir Ryakishchev [Co-founder of a restaurant chain].
September 2022 [Death by Asphyxiation] Vladimir Sungorkin [Editor-in-Chief of a newspaper].
May 2022: “Poisoning” by Aleksandr Subotin, former executive of Luxoil.

Middle row (from right)
September 2022 《Fell off a boat》 Ivan Pechorin [Executive of Far East and Arctic Development Corporation].
September 2022 《Fell from hospital》 Rabir Maganov [Chairman of Luxoil].
May 2022 《Fell off a cliff》 Andrei Kurkovsky [Ski resort owner].
September 2022 《Fell down the stairs》 Anatoly Gerashchenko [Former head of Moscow Aeronautical Institute

Lower row (from right)
May 2023 《Sudden death on a plane》 Pyotr Kucherenko [Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education, Russia
March 2022 《Stabbed to death》 Vasily Melnikov [former Medstom executive
April 2022 [Hanged in his residence in Spain] Sergey Protoshenya [former vice president of Novatek].
January 2023 《Traffic Accident》 Gomed Abdullayev [Number 2 in the Republic of Dagestan].

From “FRIDAY” September 15 and 22, 2023

  • PHOTO. Kyodo News Agency (Putin) From company and government websites (list)

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