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Kinya Kitaoji, Cultural Merit Awardee, Spotted Exiting Luxury Retirement Home

He also appeared in a new drama series in the January season. His crimson scarf was so dandy-like that it dominated the scene.

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Kitaoji emerged from an ultra-luxury nursing home. He was escorted out by the staff of the facility who came out to the entrance.

In late January, when the weather was bitterly cold, a black sedan pulled up in front of the entrance of one of the most luxurious nursing homes in Tokyo. Soon after, Kinya Kitaoji, 80, an actor with a crimson scarf draped over his head, emerged from inside the home.

With a straight back and smooth gait that belies his age, he sashayed into the back seat of the train and walked away.

Since making his acting debut at the age of 13, Kitaoji has appeared in numerous movies and TV dramas, and last November he was named a National Person of Cultural Merit. Nevertheless, he is still working energetically, appearing in the January season as the CEO of a pharmaceutical company in the drama “Arisu in the Kitchen” (NTV). He chose this facility as his “final home.

The common area has a swimming pool and a bar on the top floor where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Tokyo. The upfront payment is at least nearly 60 million yen, and monthly expenses are no less than 300,000 yen per person. He moves in with his wife, and their presence is rumored among the residents. However, we hear that perhaps because it is a high-class nursing home with many wealthy residents, they naturally fit in with the other residents and Mr. and Mrs. Kitaoji spend their time relaxing,” said a medical professional.

On another day, Kitaoji was seen getting out of his car wearing a winter vest and carrying a large amount of luggage on a cart. He must have enjoyed the outdoors. His private life also seems to be fulfilling.

It will soon be 70 years since his debut as an actor, and he is sure to continue to give profound performances in many films.

There were days when he came home with a large baggage, wearing a jacket over his vest.
Kinya Kitaoji dashing out of an ultra-luxurious “nursing home for the aged.

From FRIDAY February 16 , 2024

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