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Mei Nagano Appeals to Older Men’s Taste

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Nagano plays the lead role in the Tsuki 9 drama “Because You Gave Me Your Heart” starting in January. She is attracting a lot of attention because it is her first starring role in a Tsuki 9 & Fuji Television drama.

Nagano Mei, who plays various roles in dramas and movies, has a diverse fan base due to her lovely looks. However, it is also known that she has many hobbies that appeal to older men. Moreover, she genuinely enjoys these hobbies rather than just using them for publicity.

Firstly, she owns a Harley-Davidson, a motorcycle that many riders admire. In the official Harley-Davidson video, scenes of her deliberating over the bike’s design and riding on public roads are revealed.

Her joyful driving a custom Harley according to her preferences gathered high praise even from bikers, with comments like “The contrast of riding a Harley with such a cute face is amazing” and “Riding a new Harley on wet roads requires courage.”

“Nagano-san’s acceptance by bikers is not just because she is a woman or cute. It’s also because she genuinely understands the merits and charms of motorcycles. Before purchasing the Harley, she even demonstrated riding a Kawasaki Estrella on the show Sakurai, Ariyoshi The Night Party,” says an entertainment writer.

However, Nagano’s hobbies are not limited to motorcycles.

Nagano also enjoys playing the guitar and drums, and once showed off his skills at an event. On that occasion, Vaundy appeared as a flying guest. The collaboration of Nagano’s drumming and Vaundy’s singing was a surprise.

If she can handle the drums for a professional singer, it’s safe to say her playing skills are quite advanced.

Furthermore, she openly expresses her admiration for the artist Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, even revealing that she has attended his concerts. During a stage greeting for the movie “Ore Monogatari!!” released in 2015, when asked about what she would like to dress up as for Halloween, she answered, “I love Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, so I want to become Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi.”

She fully enjoys hobbies that are typically associated with older men, such as riding motorcycles, playing the guitar and drums, as well as engaging in activities like surfing and driving.

“It’s common to hear stories about talents or idols polishing their hobbies to enhance their value. However, hobbies started with the sole purpose of appearing on TV are quickly discerned by fans. In that regard, all of Nagano’s hobbies are genuine. As an actress and also as a talent, she can fully utilize her hobbies and thrive.”

Her masculine hobbies, such as motorcycles and surfing, are probably due in large part to her brother’s influence. Nagano has everything that an uncle would like. We can expect to see more and more of her demonstrating the power of her hobbies as a TV personality in the future.

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