Mai Asada’s Alleged Flirtation with Boyfriend Taka from Oneoku Captured in Pheromone-Infused Photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mai Asada’s Alleged Flirtation with Boyfriend Taka from Oneoku Captured in Pheromone-Infused Photos

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Mai Asada out from “Oneoku” Taka’s apartment (June 29, ’18 issue).

Last year, the divorce of Yuzuru Hanyu (29) caused a stir in society. Then, in January of this year, Kana Murakami (29) got married. In March, the magazine reported the romance between Marin Honda (22) and Shoma Uno (26), and the reports on figure skaters’ love lives continue unabated. Among them, the hottest topic right now is Mao Asada (35).

Mao, the older sister of the once-nationally beloved figure skater Mao Asada (33), is also known as a woman with many loves. Just recently, in the March 7th issue of “Weekly Bunshun” (’24), there was a bold scene of her kissing a male entrepreneur in front of a convenience store, stirring up discussion.

The published photos were so clear and of such quality, resembling a scene from a drama, that on social media, posts such as “Staged?” and “There’s something suspicious about this person” appeared one after another, causing a minor uproar. On the other hand, there were also few praises like “She’s still beautiful, isn’t she?” and “She’s becoming more and more alluring.”


The destination from “One Ok” Taka’s apartment is… 


In early June, just before 6 p.m., Mai emerged alone from the luxury apartment in the heart of the city. It turns out that this apartment is where she has been living with Taka, and she commutes to work from here every day, returning home in the evenings. On this particular day, she took a taxi to a beauty salon in Ebisu.


“This salon is popular for its special beauty acupuncture that reduces facial swelling. It seems that not only female talents like Nanao and Manami Hashimoto frequent here, but Taka is also a regular. Mai probably came here through his recommendation,” says a beauty writer.


An hour and a half later, Asada left the salon with a refreshed expression.

With both love and beauty on a winning streak, Mai accompanied ‘One Ok Rock’ on their North American tour in February 2019. Some reports hinted at an impending marriage, but they broke up around July of that year.


During an appearance on the information program “Gogo Nama” (NHK General) in April 2018, she was asked about her views on marriage:


“I’d like to get married by the time I’m around 35. Being sisters with Mao, I think when I become a mother, I’d want siblings for my children, so I’d like to make that happen.”


Now at 35, Mai might soon announce her marriage with her current boyfriend, indulging in more intimate moments.

Mai Asada (left) looks mature for a 15-year-old and Mao (right) still looks innocent (December 12, 2015 issue)
Mai Asada’s long arms and legs and good style were her weapons. She also worked as a model (December 12, 2003 issue).
Mai Asada in love with DEppa, vocalist of the pop group “Cyclamen” (October 3, 2014 issue)
Enjoying yakiniku with DEppa, vocalist of the pop group “Cyclamen,” whom she was in love with at the time (October 3, ’14 issue).
Even after her retirement, her style is still outstanding (October 3, 2014 issue).
The Asada sisters at the launch of a new commercial for a pharmaceutical company, September ’14.
Mai Asada looking at cosmetics at a store in Ginza. What a surprise, she was approached by a man after this, perhaps as a pick-up (July 10, ’15 issue).
Mai Asada is in love with former world baton competition gold medalist Shoji Watanabe (June 2, 2017 issue).
Former world baton competition gold medalist Shoji Watanabe and Mai Asada having breakfast at a coffee shop (June 2, ’17 issue).
Mai Asada, now in her 30s, looking more beautiful (June 29, ’18 issue)
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