She is smiling and responding to her fans with a divine smile! Maple Chogokin” Natsu Ando riding on a Harley. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

She is smiling and responding to her fans with a divine smile! Maple Chogokin” Natsu Ando riding on a Harley.

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Natsu Ando rushes up to a fan

Thud, thud, thud… With a heavy bass sound, a Harley Davidson, a large motorcycle with a cool matte blue tank, entered the porch of Nippon Broadcasting System. Its owner is Natsu Ando, 42, of “Maple Chogokin.

Ando’s love of motorcycles is well known among bikers, and she even appears in motorcycle magazines. Her Harley is the same type that Arnold Schwarzenegger rode in the movie “Terminator 2,” and it is the anniversary model of Harley’s 115th anniversary. Recently, she has often appeared on YouTube by herself and other motorcycle-loving celebrities,” said an editor of a motorcycle magazine.

When he turned off the engine and got off the bike, the fans who had been waiting for him would call out, “Nacchan! Two years ago at this time, she was in court for divorce settlement with her then husband, and she was interviewed at the same place and appeared exhausted, but at the end of the same year her divorce was successfully finalized. Shortly thereafter, she appeared on “Odoru, Sanma Goten! Sanma Goten! (Nippon Television Network), in which she appeared, Akashiya Sanma (67) revealed that she had lamented in her dressing room, “It was hard, it was hard,” and Ando also said, “I lost weight (due to heartache).

Last October, she went to Crystal Noda’s (36) personal training gym, Crystal Gym, and reported on her Twitter account that she had successfully lost 14 kg. Then, on May 29, he updated his Twitter again, revealing that he is now 170 cm tall and weighs 131.2 kg. His muscle mass is a whopping 61.3 kg. She also posted, “I’m going to stop drinking oil.

Natsu Ando has experienced a variety of things, and her attractiveness is increasing. I would like to see her in a more macho pose!

The Harley is a large motorcycle, but when Ando rides it, it looks small…
Natsu Ando smiles at a fan
Natsu Ando rushes to a fan with a smile
She was also happy to take two-shot photos.
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