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Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Appearance Sparks Mixed Opinions Amidst Sexual Allegations

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Hitoshi Matsumoto, who was reportedly involved in a sexual scandal, finally talked about the allegations on the “Wide na Show”.

On January 8, his company Yoshimoto Kogyo announced that comedy duo “Downtown” Hitoshi Matsumoto will suspend their activities for the time being. Yoshimoto Kogyo announced on its official website

The company reported, “Matsumoto has requested that we first confront the various articles and focus on the trial.

He also expressed his strong desire to suspend his activities for the time being, as continuing his entertainment activities would cause a great deal of inconvenience and burden to many people involved and his co-stars, and he would not be able to devote all his energy to comedy as he has done so far if he continues with the trial at the same time. Therefore, we have decided to respect his wishes, taking into consideration the various circumstances.”

The company explained the background of the situation.

The Weekly Bunshun reported Matsumoto’s alleged sexual scandal at the end of last year. In response, Yoshimoto stated

“There is absolutely no such fact.”

Yoshimoto announced that he would consider legal action. Matsumoto himself also stated in X after the announcement of his suspension

“I will fight it because it has no basis in fact.”

and declared

“I will appear on the Wide na Show.”

He said that he would appear on “Wide na Show” (Fuji TV), for which he graduated as a commentator last March, to explain the background to the series of disturbances.


However, this has been met with some opposition. Comedy journalist Nana Takamatsu wrote in X

“We want Mr. Matsumoto of Downtown to hold a press conference. Even if he explains on the Wide na Show, I don’t think there will be any tough questions, and I want him to answer reporters’ questions about what is true and what is not. I would like you to answer clearly in front of not only the entertainment reporters but also the reporters from the social section.”

She continued.

“Innocent or not, the way Matsumoto, who has such influence, handled the situation could make it difficult for victims to speak out, potentially issues like a second sexual assault. I believe those in power need to exercise restraint. To protect aspiring talents, I think new frameworks and laws are necessary.”

Takamatsu also discusses Matsumoto’s problems on his YouTube page.

“Does Fuji TV really intend to have Matsumoto appear on the show? At a stage where it’s still unclear whether the Weekly Bunshun report is accurate or not, broadcasting Matsumoto’s claims on public airwaves raises questions. Certainly, it might garner ratings.

However, depending on the content of the conversation, concerns, as pointed out by Takamatsu, could arise. Public interest may be high, but that’s separate from the core issue. It seems prudent to take a moment to be calm. The impact on sponsors is also unknown, and Fuji TV appears to be grappling with these uncertainties.” (Television station insider)

On the 5th, Weekly Woman reported on LINE images exchanged between Kazutaka Ozawa of Speedwagon and a female participant. The image reads as follows:

“Thank you for this rare meeting today, Ozawa-san. It was a pleasure to meet you.”

“Mr. Matsumoto was really, really nice.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me, Ozawa-san.”

“I was so happy to meet you,” “You are really nice, too, Mr. Matsumoto.” In response, Matsumoto quoted an image from the article in X

“It’s finally out, isn’t it?”

In response, Matsumoto quoted an image from the article in X and posted, “It’s finally out.” He may be trying to say that there were no sexual problems between him and the women who participated in the event, but it is too early to judge the situation based solely on this LINE image.

“Was it right for influential Mr. Matsumoto to take up the story? Furthermore, were there people who could have conveyed the risks of such SNS to Mr. Matsumoto? How many people are there who can say ‘Let’s calm down a bit’ to Mr. Matsumoto, who is eager to confront Bunshun?” (Sports newspaper reporter)

Matsumoto’s legal battle, including appeals, is expected to take a year, if not several year, according to a legal expert.

On the 9th, Matsumoto updated his X and said in response to his appearance on the “Wide Na Show” was to greet his fans (who may not be there) before his absence from work. It’s just to show his face.

It is certain that the comedy world has entered uncharted territory at the beginning of the new year.

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