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Former Elite Religion 2nd Generation Dialogue! Hidekazu Nagai and Hiroshi “I don’t like this kind of guru!

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Hiroshi (left) is the eldest son of President Okawa. He was a candidate to succeed him, but left the association in 2017. Active as a You Tuber and political secretary / Hidekazu Nagai (right) Born to a devoted follower who served as a Komei Party city councilor, he was an ace in the Soka Gakkai Art Department but left the association 10 years ago. Currently Nishi-Tokyo City Councilor.

Hiroshi Nagai! (Ryuho Okawa) President (66 years old) has lost to illness. It is sinful because he had collected a considerable amount of offerings, such as 10,000 yen for a powerful healing for hay fever and 30,000 yen for a prayer to repel infection of the new coronavirus.

Hidekazu Nagai (Nagai ): Kofuku-no-Kagaku is very sensitive about whether or not to see a doctor.

Hiroshi: The doctrine claims that “El Cantare (God of the Earth) can kill pathogens with the power of the law. However, he himself has proven that “El Cantare Healing” has no effect.

Nagai: In the Buddhist tradition, charisma is based on how long one has lived or how long one has lived. It is as if one is the embodiment of Buddhism. It is said that Buddha lived to be 80 years old. I believe that Daisaku Ikeda (95) will live to be 100 years old, following in his footsteps. Daisaku has always been a man who is more interested in science and medicine than Mr. Happiness. Not antiseptic ……! (laugh), he was very interested in the latest medicine and regenerative medicine.

Hiroshi When a believer dies, we now sell the right to have his/her bones placed in a grave called the “Happiness Garden of the Next Life”. The right to be buried near the great stupa (chedi) that Ryuho enters after his death is sold at a high price. It’s like a double treat: a prayer for his eradication and a burial.

Nagai: Soka also had the idea that “if you use the power of Buddha and the Dharma, you can eliminate all diseases. They would say, “You become sick because you are invaded by demons. You know the term “disease demon,” right? The “four sufferings” of life, illness, aging, and death are good moneymakers in religion. In the case of Mr. Kofuku, the end result is that the president doesn’t have to die (laughs).

(laughs) .

Nagai In Soka, it is said, “If you keep your faith, you will live a long life. On the other hand, those who bow to Soka are said to suffer from illness or financial hardship and die a miserable death. However, there is a man named Nikken Shonin, …….

Hiroyo He was the boss of Nichiren Shoshu, the avenging enemy of the Soka Gakkai, wasn’t he?

Nagai That’s right. Nikken Shonin lived to be 96 years old. Mr. Ayaya Yano, who fought a legal battle with the Soka Gakkai and the New Komeito, is now 90 years old and in good health. Yoshikatsu Takeiri, former chairman of the New Komeito Party, is 97 years old, and was designated as an enemy of Buddha by Daisaku Sensei after receiving the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun. The reason I mention these three names is that they are people who have been cursed by Soka for 30 to 40 years. They were the ones who were chanted the “Eradication theme” at the “Bokumetsu Shozai Kai,” such as “Let me die after being run over by a car” or “Let me die after being bitten by a stray dog. I have recently become a “broadly designated Buddhist enemy,” and I think it was a good thing.

Hiroshi: Kofuku-no-Sekkai is also very harsh to its “enemies. My mother’s first wife, Kyoko (57), who had been praised as “Aphrodite, the incarnation of beauty,” was called “Judas the Betrayer” after her divorce. Incidentally, Happy Science is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom in yokai. In March, Ryuho published a book titled “Words to Avoid Becoming a Specter,” and I hear that every member of the Okawa family has been turned into a specter. I have received a suspicious information from …… that the eldest daughter, Sayaka, who had been considered a reincarnation of “Amaterasu,” has been changed to “Yokai Otafuku,” the third son, Yuta, to “Inari-sama no Kitsune,” and even Shimizu Tomika (Sengan Miko, 28) has been changed to “Yokai Okame” (see the following page). (The public relations office of the Happy Science Group denies such a fact.)

Nagai: Okame is a yokai? (laugh). It looks like natto (fermented soybeans). Is this Ryuho-chan’s sense of naming and character?

Hiroshi It is from Gegege no Ryuho.

Hirohiro and Nagai fight together on YouTube and other media for the relief of religious victims. The dialogue lasted 120 minutes.

Nagai: What about the academic side of the Okawa family’s five children?

Hiroshi : Yuta is the top student at the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Law. He was considered a promising successor to Ryuho, but his reputation was downgraded due to …… women’s issues. Happy Science University is also not approved as a university by the Ministry of Education.

Nagai: I am a first generation Soka Elementary School student who was purely cultured until university, but Soka’s doctrine and history were not subjects. Even in politics, I see the reality that “you can’t start unless you get a seat in the Diet. To begin with, Dr. Daisaku’s predecessor, Josei Toda, was a businessman. He was a super charismatic cram school teacher, a best-selling author, and an investor. There is an untrue episode in which he received a low-interest loan from a rich believer of Soka and lent it to a poor believer at a high interest rate. ……(laugh)

(laughs) .

Nagai: Mr. Toda was acquainted with former Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi, and in fact, Soka had a connection with the LDP political world even before the war. The idea was that both religion and business would do well only if they entered the world of politics. This is different from the place where people start saying things like, “What’s wrong with youkai” (laughs).

Hiroshi Ryuho would go ahead with his ideas. That’s why he ran a large number of candidates for the House of Representatives in the 2009 election and all of them failed.

Nagai: Komeito’s strategy is to run candidates only in areas where they can win. They are very good at reading votes by using their organizational power. It is said that they have a 99% chance of winning. I really hope that Mr. Daisaku will write a book entitled “The Money-Collecting Revolution” or “The Vote-Collecting Revolution. Soka’s finances – the donations to the religious organization – are usually made between November and December, but as long as Komeito is in the ruling party, they don’t hold national elections during this period. They don’t let us do it. For the sake of their followers, they don’t combine the timing of vote collection and fundraising.

Hiroshi Ryuho is not concerned about his followers and comes up with one project after another. When an election and the release of a movie coincide, it is very difficult. Both require raising money and mobilizing people. We have to put up posters for the movie, and we have to do the “spinning-round and round Bodhisattva” (believers go to see the movie several times).

Hirohiro recounts his spiritual speech on his YouTube page. He also puts down his father, Ryuho.

Nagai You also give spiritual talks on YouTube, don’t you, Hiroshi? How do your followers perceive that?

Hirohiro: Well, from what I hear around me, it seems to have stung quite a bit (laughs). (Laughs.) The other day, when we held a demonstration in front of the Gotanda headquarters of Happy Science, I said, “I’m going to bring down the president now! When I said, “I’m about to offload the president,” the staff said, “Stop it! They were backing away, saying, “Stop it!

Nagai By the way, are there any comedians who are suited for itako kuchiyose (spiritualism)?

Hirohiro: I think “Un-jash” actor Ken Watanabe (50) would be a good choice. He can do a comedy act even in a rather forced setting.

Nagai: He can do a lot of things in a lot of settings (laughs).

Hiromichi: A live spirit from the toilet?

Nagai The god of toilets! Are there any staff members of Happy Science who are good at spiritualism?

Hiroshi There are some, but they are at the level of foxes, snakes, and other lower animal spirits.

Nagai I guess it is blood relation.

Hiroshi: I think it was when I was in my fourth year of college, and Ryuho told me, “Today, Hiroshi will play Kukai,” and I mobilized all my knowledge of Kukai and said, “There is no rain in Kagawa, and my back hurts from digging so many reservoirs. Ryuho was praised, saying, “Oh, this one’s in there.

Nagai: You also brought down Haruko Obokata (39), the STAP cell researcher, didn’t you?

Hiroshi I was doing it! The idea was like that of today’s YouTubers. They did it with the idea that if they featured a person of the day, it would sell books, not views. But the level of reproduction was low (laughs).


Nagai Did you receive any complaints from the person who had the Spiritual Exorcism taken down?

Hiromichi: Yes, they did. Osamu Tezuka’s family said, “My father would never say such a thing” (laughs).

Nagai When you were a child, did you ever think, “My father is a little strange. ……

Hirohiro: I have been watching him since I was 3 years old, so that was my normal behavior. I was like, “Oh, he’s doing it again. ……

Nagai I guess I felt like a parent and child in a popular theater.

Hirohiro: When I had a quarrel with my father, he gave me a cassette tape with a spiritual message on it. He told me, “This is what you really think. When I played it back, he said, “The truth is that I love my father! That’s just your wish! (laughs).

Nagai: From a child’s point of view, did you find that “you are getting off well today” or “you are not in the mood today”?

Hirohiro: It was hard when I didn’t have enough information about Laura or Michael Jackson. Yuta and I would say things like, “You were pushing yourself too hard,” or “You were too subtle.

Nagai In a way, it was like the “R-1 Grand Prix. It is possible to discover the successor to the president by holding a spiritual speech contest.

Hiroshi Let’s start with Mr. Watanabe!

Holding a book on Happy Science in his hands.

From the May 5, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photographed by Takeshi Kinugawa

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