Ryota Yamasato’s Ryuchell-san comment is controversial — The tide has turned since Shosuke Tanihara’s apology to Sayaka Kanda was released | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryota Yamasato’s Ryuchell-san comment is controversial — The tide has turned since Shosuke Tanihara’s apology to Sayaka Kanda was released

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Ryota Yamasato (right) has been the subject of controversy for his comments about ryuchell (left), who died suddenly.

Ryota Yamasato of the comedy duo “Nankai Candies” has been the subject of controversy.

Yamasato has been the MC of NTV’s “DayDay.” since April, and on the July 13 broadcast, he introduced a VTR about the LGBT activities of the TV personality ryuchell, who died suddenly, before her death. Yamasato then said.

I’ve been talking with Takeda (Shinichi) about it. I was wondering what it would be like to do this news itself in a (diversity) video. This kind of thing (death) happened.”

He began to speak. He continued.

I thought, “If they were saying good things, why didn’t we take it up when they were saying good things? I wondered how it would be to take it up after something like this happened.

He then gave the VTR a mild order.

Some online media reported that “the staff was baffled” by the no-no during the live broadcast, but Yamasato took to Twitter and wrote, “The staff said, ‘We’re baffled.”

The staff contacted us saying, “We’re not baffled! We are not baffled!

Yamasato denies this.

Yamasato does have a point, as introducing diversity initiatives after the death of ryuchell would only leave the viewer with a sense of futility.

In the broadcast on January 14, Yamasato also mentioned that ryuchell’s ex-wife, PECO, had posted a message on her Instagram page saying, “Please watch over us gently.

“If you could just keep a gentle eye on him” on her Instagram page.

On the 14th, Yamasato mentioned that ryuchell’s ex-wife, PECO, had requested on Instagram

I hope that everyone will receive the words “Please watch over me. I want you to protect me.

“I want you to protect me,” he said.

Mr. Yamasato saw up close that his wife Yu Aoi was once ridiculed as a “devilish woman” and was hurt. So it may be inevitable for him to stand by the celebrity side, but at the same time, as an MC of an information program, I feel he is lacking in that area.

Yamasato also commented on the case of Ennosuke Ichikawa, a suspect in a family suicide aired on the 27th of last month.

“From now on, I shouldn’t say anything that’s not in accordance with the law,” he said.

This caused a controversy on the Internet.

In a similar case, actor Shosuke Tanihara apologized for Sayaka Kanda’s suicide in December 2009 on “Mezamashi 8” (Fuji TV), for which he serves as MC. At the time, the program devoted much time to featuring Sayaka’s secret funeral, which was held in Sapporo City, and her mother, Seiko Matsuda, and father, Masateru Kanda, who were interviewed.

After watching this, Tanihara said.

Masateru Kanda and Seiko Matsuda, I am truly sorry for making such a fuss.

Tanihara apologized.

I would like to draw a line under the Mezamashi 8 report on Kanda-san and end it today. I am truly sorry.

“I am truly sorry,” he declared.

It is unprecedented for an MC to apologize during a program and say, “I will not do it anymore. Things have changed since then. At the time, there was a flood of criticism from viewers for the overheated reporting, and Ms. Tanihara’s attitude was praised.

In recent years, the nature of information and news programs has changed, and it is really difficult for the production side to find the right balance. Especially when dealing with the suicide of a celebrity, the utmost caution is required.

While responding to viewers’ desire to know the truth of the case, they must also take into consideration the feelings of the bereaved families and the high level of privacy protection. Whether Yamazato and Tanihara’s stance is the correct one or not, there is no doubt that the media side is at a crossroads.

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