Exclusive Release! Ryuho Okawa’s Testament: His Eldest Son, Hiroyo, Reveals “Successor” and “Future of the Faith”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Exclusive Release! Ryuho Okawa’s Testament: His Eldest Son, Hiroyo, Reveals “Successor” and “Future of the Faith”.

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Hirohiro Hirohiro giving an interview in front of the courthouse after probate of his will.

President Ryuho Okawa of “Happy Science” passed away on March 2 this year at the age of 66.

On June 21, the Tokyo Family Court probated President Okawa’s will.

According to Hirohiro (Hiroshi), Okawa’s eldest son, who probated the will, “I was the only family member who came to the Tokyo Family Court that day.

Ryuho has five children: my oldest son, myself; my second son, Shinki; my third son, Yuta; my eldest daughter, Sayaka; and my second daughter, Airisa. I was planning to exchange contact information with them if I hadn’t seen them in a while, but none of them came. Ryuho’s future wife, Shio, also did not show up. Besides me, there were only three other lawyers from the cult.

What surprised me was that one of the lawyers was also a lawyer for Sayaka,” said Hirohiro.

This is actually very significant. It means that the cult and Sayaka have a tight grip on each other. I was convinced when I saw the will. Although it was not explicitly stated, Sayaka was in fact the second president.

What does this mean?

The will stipulated that Sakyaka would inherit the copyrights to Ryuho’s works, including books, DVDs, and films of his spiritual sayings and sermons. The copyrights of Ryuho’s works are indispensable for the activities of the Order. That is why, according to the will, they could no longer be used without Sayaka’s permission. He became the de facto supreme authority. Conversely, Shio, who had been the de facto head, lost his position. It is safe to say that he has lost his position. This was a surprise. According to the lawyer, Sakuyaka has approved this will. From now on, the Order will be headed by her.”

President Okawa’s will. ‘She made one piece of paper every year,’ Hirohiro said.
Live in front of the courthouse immediately after probate

Another thing that Hirohiro did not expect was that “I was not excluded from being an heir (laughs).

‘Perhaps it has to do with when the will was written. The will is dated December 4, 2019. It was around the time that Ryuho sued me for leaving the cult and writing an exposé book, and the relationship was not as strained as it is now. It must have worked. Ryuho wrote a will every year, and each time he wrote it, he voided the previous year’s. It is possible that he wrote wills in 2020, 2021, and 2022 as well, but they were never found.

If the most recent will had existed, the successor would have been Shio and both me and Sayaka would have been excluded from the heirs. I am not sure if this is true, because the relationship between Ryuho and Sayaka had been deteriorating rapidly in the recent past. According to information from an active believer, in February of this year, Sayaka’s “setting” was changed from “reincarnation of Amaterasu” to “reincarnation of the monster Otafuku” (Happy Science denies this fact). According to Kyoko, Ryuho’s first wife and my mother, the will had been disclosed in advance to the head of the religious order and the president of the board of directors, so there was no way to overturn it. I think she had no choice but to admit it.”

According to the will, Hiroko will inherit President Okawa’s personal cash and personal jewelry.

I have seen that there were several hundred watches in the watch room on the third floor of his home in Shirokane. I don’t know which of them belonged to the cult and which to Ryuho’s personal possessions, but I think it will be in the tens to hundreds of millions of yen. I hear that it takes time to calculate and process the money, so it will be about two years before the money is actually deposited.

In a previous interview with Friday, Hirohiro said, “When the inheritance comes in, I will refund the full amount to my followers. ……

He said, “That’s when I become the second president. Probably, that big amount of money will not come to me, so my first priority is to repay the 30 million yen I borrowed from my mother for the production of the movie “Gray Zone,” which will be released in 2021. I will encourage Sakuyaka to deal with victims of religion through YouTube and other media.

According to Kyoko Okawa, President Okawa’s former wife, there is no doubt that it is his handwriting.

What will become of the new “Happy Science”? Hirohiro’s outlook is bright.

I know Sakuyaka’s character very well. I think they will probably downsize. He will probably cut the loss-making divisions. I think they will probably stop politics, too. He may close Happy Science University. I think Sakuyaka will become a practical religious organization, since itaako (spiritualism) is not possible. I think they will no longer ask for unreasonable offerings.

The second daughter, Airisa, has left the religious group, but the other siblings seem to remain in the group. Some say they are in the staff dormitory. In his will, he wrote, “Do not treat my children with disrespect,” so they must be safe. Perhaps.

Mr. Hiromichi says he will continue to keep a close eye on the cult.

  • Photo by Takeshi Kinugawa (except for the will)

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