Kentaro Sakaguchi’s “filming appearance in a brightly colored suit” gives off an overwhelming aura! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kentaro Sakaguchi’s “filming appearance in a brightly colored suit” gives off an overwhelming aura!

News on the Scene FRIDAY Eyewitness! Harikomi24 [Higashi Nakano, 10:05 a.m.

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Kentaro Sakaguchi is surrounded by a large number of staff members during filming. Housewives and office workers passing by were also giving him a lot of attention.

On a morning in late October, a tall, handsome man in a blue suit landed in the downtown area near Higashi-Nakano Station. He was the actor Kentaro Sakaguchi (30).

He was filming for the TV drama “Kekkon Todoke ni Hanwo Shita Desu” (TBS), which is currently airing. In the film, Sakaguchi plays Momose, a hard-nosed and eccentric salesman at an advertising agency. In this love story, he marries the heroine, played by Nana Kiyoyasai (27), under false pretenses and falls in love with her.

They were filming a scene with Kana Kurashina (33), who plays Momose’s brother and sister-in-law. When the cut was made, the staff came to put up a parasol, but the tall Sakaguchi put up her own umbrella.

She played Suganami, the heroine’s lover, in NHK’s morning drama “Welcome Back Monet,” which ended recently. His role as Momose in “Kekkonin Todoke ni” (marriage certificate) is also getting a lot of attention, and he is likely to get more offers to play quirky and handsome characters in the future.

(TV magazine writer) Sakaguchi is highly praised in the scene, suggesting her own acting style. After this movie, there may be a lot of fans who lose their minds over Momose.

This magazine’s unpublished cut of Kentaro Sakaguchi was spotted in Higashi Nakano during the filming of “Kekkon Todoke ni~”.
An unpublished cut from the magazine Kentaro Sakaguchi was spotted on location in Higashinakano for the drama “Kekin Todoke ni ‾”.

From “FRIDAY” November 26, 2021 issue

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