Old Johnny’s fans flirted with the official post of the “American Embassy”… and urged the “Prime Minister’s Office” to protest. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Old Johnny’s fans flirted with the official post of the “American Embassy”… and urged the “Prime Minister’s Office” to protest.

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What does Johnny’s management think of the fans who are raging on social networking sites?

The former Johnny’s’s office (now “SMILE-UP.”) made a fresh start in the wake of the late founder Johnny Kitagawa’s sexual misconduct problems. The company launched a new agent company, STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, and the talents are now working under the supervision of CEO Jun Fukuda. In the meantime, fans of the former Johnny’s are still questioning the testimonies of the victims who have accused them of sexual assault, insisting on social networking sites that they must “go through the judicial process. Recently, they also bit the official X (formerly Twitter) of the U.S. Embassy.

The former Johnny’s held a press conference on September 7, at which Keiko Fujishima Julie Fujishima, then president of the office and niece of Johnny, acknowledged her uncle’s sexual assault as a fact and apologized. After that, the office changed its name to “SMILE-UP.” and became a company that only provides relief and compensation services for victims.

However, many of the old Johnny’s fans do not want to admit Mr. Janney’s guilt.’ Even after Mr. Janney’s death in July 2007, many people feel uncomfortable asking, ‘Was there really sexual assault,’ based on the fact that the talents were amusingly talking about the episodes before his death on TV. The office and Mr. Julie have acknowledged that there was sexual assault by Mr. Janney. ……” (entertainment writer)

Since the September press conference, fans of Mr. Janney and his office defenders have been defending the office side, using hashtags such as “#Janney-san is falsely accused. Meanwhile, on December 11, the X account of the U.S. Embassy opened with the following statement: “On December 10, we marked 75 years since the adoption of the # Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (original text in Japanese). As the account continued to post thereafter,

“The United States supports those who stand at the forefront of the struggle for a freer and more just world. And we will continue to work tirelessly to promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and to empower those who expose corruption, pursue accountability, and advocate for fair access to justice. The United States joins with Japan in supporting those who have been victims of sexual assault and sexual violence, including Rina Gonoi and the more than 400 victims of the late founder of the former Johnny’s s”

The declaration. The U.S. Embassy cited the trial of Rina Gonoi, a former Self Defense Force officer, for indecent assault, and the sexual assault of Mr. Janey as examples. In the case of Ms. Gonoi, three of her fellow ex-servicemen were accused of forcibly committing indecent acts against her, and were convicted on January 12 to two years in prison with a four-year suspended sentence.

The Shukan Bunshun (weekly magazine) ran a continuous 14-week campaign report on Janney’s allegations of sexual assault beginning in October ’99. The office then filed a lawsuit against Bungei Shunju for defamation.’ In 2002, the Tokyo District Court ordered Bungei Shunju to pay 8.8 million yen in damages, but in ’04, the Supreme Court ruled that the articles were true,'” said a former entertainment writer.

However, to the U.S. Embassy’s post, fans of the former Johnny’s,

Why is the U.S. Embassy, which has nothing to do with the case of the former Johnny’s, getting involved in the case of the former Johnny’s?
The U.S. Embassy’s post is a violation of human rights. It’s defamation!
If we want a free and fair world, shouldn’t we tell them to go through the judiciary when it comes to Johnny’s?
The issue of Johnny’s is not a criminal case, and yet the U.S. Embassy is interfering with it.

I countered. Some fans even called for protests to the U.S. Embassy via the Prime Minister’s official website.

Some fans even called for protests against the U.S. Embassy through the website of the Prime Minister’s official residence. The office admitted that sexual assault is a fact, but ……” “Janitors who are involved with the U.S. embassy post, shame on you. It’s a shame for Japan.

While it is understandable to want to support the agency and the talent, fans of the former Johnny’s should probably keep a cool head and watch the situation so as not to make more enemies.

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