Gershie’s “uninspiring” appearance at his trial is a “future vision” waiting behind the scenes. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gershie’s “uninspiring” appearance at his trial is a “future vision” waiting behind the scenes.

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Defendant Gershey was mysterious at trial. ……

He was totally pussyfooting around. His acting is just too stinky…” said a source in the entertainment industry.

A person involved in the entertainment industry said as much.

On December 21, the third trial was held at the Tokyo District Court for Yoshikazu Azumaya, aka Garcy, a former member of the House of Councillors who is accused of violating the Violent Acts Punishment Law (habitual threats) against actor Go Ayano and others.

Since his arrest in June of this year, he has lost more than 10 kilograms during the three months he has been in detention, and when he was released on bail in September, he appeared emaciated and made a series of negative comments.

In a question to the defendant, he spoke in an intimidating Kansai dialect about his YouTube style.

He said, “[Supporters] told me to do it while yelling at them. To be honest, it was tough.

He then “spoil[ed]” the story. He also said that the reason he started YouTube was because of his debt and the advice of an acquaintance in Dubai.

I thought I had to expose the deep darkness in the entertainment industry to the world, but it was my own sense of justice,” he said. But it was my own sense of justice.

He repeated his apology.

When asked by the defense if he wished to obtain a social networking account in the future, he replied

I don’t. I honestly don’t want to do it again. To be honest, I don’t want to do it again.

I will never distribute anything.

He also said, “No. I don’t want to do it again.

According to the indictment, Gershey allegedly threatened Ayano and three others on the video-sharing website “YouTube” between February and August of last year.

The rough tone of Gershey’s YouTube videos had disappeared, and he was as quiet as a borrowed cat. The person who saw him like this at the beginning of the article said, “He was acting to win a suspended sentence.

He is probably acting to win a suspended sentence. It was probably an act to win a suspended sentence, probably at the direction of his defense team. I think he will change drastically once the suspended sentence is confirmed.

The defendant’s arrest warrant has been issued for Gershey.

After the arrest warrant was issued, Gershie continued to flee abroad, and if he is prosecuted, he will “expose” the “shameful parts” of Go Ayano and the other defendants in court.

“I’ll expose them!

If he was prosecuted, he would “expose” the “shameful parts” of Tsuyoshi Ayano and others in court. It is understandable that such a man would not be believed.

It is 50-50 whether he will receive a prison sentence or a deferred sentence. It’s not good for his reputation that he fled abroad. Recently, slander on social networking sites has become a social problem, and there is a possibility that Gershie will be made an example of.

If he is sentenced to prison, Gershie is expected to appeal immediately.

He has said in the past that he thinks that going to jail is like ‘wasting time in life. In addition, he is seriously worried that he will be bullied in prison. He is seriously worried that he will be bullied in prison.

He is also said to be having trouble with his kowtowing streak. So he has to win a suspended sentence at any cost” (a source who knows defendant Gershey).

It is said that 607 petitions have been gathered against defendant Garcy. The petitions were sent to the court in response to the defendant’s “achievements” in being the first to accuse the late Janie Kitagawa of sexual assault, and also to the court in asking for leniency.

Gershwin said he would not use social networking services in the future, but he would have to pay the victims. He has to pay his victims. The only way for him to earn money is through video distribution and online salons.

In fact, there are a crazy number of YouTubers who want to pull defendant Gershey into their collaborative videos. He may not be able to do it himself, but he will not be left alone.

Although Gershie is currently banned from seeing anyone, he has already met and had dinner with atsushi Tamura of London Boots No. 1 and No. 2, Katsuhito Matsuura, chairman of Avex, and Isao Kikuchi, Yuko Ogura’s ex-husband and a hairdresser.

Whatever the verdict, it seems that defendant Gershey will not be “quietly …… in the countryside” – he is not.

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