Finally, even Yoko Minamino …. The “curse of the skeleton detective” has even been coined to describe the troubles that have befallen the lead actresses. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Finally, even Yoko Minamino …. The “curse of the skeleton detective” has even been coined to describe the troubles that have befallen the lead actresses.

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Yoko Minamino decides to divorce Yuki Saito, who has been in constant trouble

‘Even so, I didn’t realize that Ms. Minamino would divorce …… after Ms. Saito’s troubles. An executive at a well-established entertainment agency said, ‘It’s like the curse of the skeleton detective. Of course, he was probably joking, but the lead actress has been in trouble at every turn.

The popular TV series “Skeban Kantei” (Fuji TV) was adapted into a live-action TV drama from 1985 to 1987, after the manga series had ended, and was broadcast for three episodes.

Yuki Saito (57) played Saki Asamiya, the main character in the first series, and Yoko Minamino (56) played the second Saki Asamiya, the main character in the second series, “Skevan Tantei Mask Legend. And in the third film, “Skeban Kantei III: Shoujo Ninpocho Denki,” the main character and her two older sisters, the three Kazama sisters, are played by Yui Asaka (54), Yuka Onishi (55), and Yuma Nakamura (53).

When one thinks of their troubles, the first person who comes to mind is Yuki Saito.

Describing herself as “unlearned,” she caused a stir with reports of her affair with the late Yutaka Ozaki and Mayo Kawasaki (60). According to the November 9, 2011 issue of Shukan Bunshun, Saito was involved in a police incident just the other day with a doctor he relied on both publicly and privately.

I hear that Ms. Saito is upset that she is ‘being misunderstood as still being in a relationship,’ but if she grabbed the door grip of the doctor’s clinic and made a big fuss, one could be forgiven for thinking that her feelings for him were still there.”

Minamino’s husband was arrested only three weeks after Saito’s report. After the arrest, it was reported that Minamino, who had supported her publicly and privately until then, had decided to divorce him, but those involved were very opposed to their marriage in the first place.

The reason she decided to get married over the opposition of those around her was because of the Great East Japan Earthquake in ’11.

One of the biggest reasons Ms. Minamino fell in love with him was that she witnessed his kindness, not only flying in by car immediately after the earthquake, but also picking up elderly people who were in trouble at bus stops along the way who had difficulty returning home and sending them home.

Since their marriage in 2011, the couple had been flirting with the idea of a “skeleton marriage,” a play on the words “late marriage” and “skeleton detective,” but her husband was constantly in financial trouble and had problems with women. Perhaps because of her love for him, Ms. Minamino distanced herself from the staff members around her who suggested divorce, and so she spent a lot of time suffering alone.

What kind of trouble did the “three Kazama sisters” in the third film, “Skeban III,” go through?

One of them, Yuka Onishi, has had a tumultuous life. In the late 1990s, her agency went bankrupt and the president went missing. Ms. Onishi’s fees remained unpaid.

In addition, she even became the owner of a debt without her knowledge. The amount of the debt amounted to about 20 million yen at the age of 30, and it became a topic of conversation when she published a hair nude photo book to repay the debt.

Yuma Nakamura married Koyo Maeda (55), formerly of “Otoko Gumi,” and the couple formed the band “Goddess,” but divorced four years and four months later. However, they divorced four years and four months later, and the band’s second album was released after the divorce, causing “turbulence” in the industry.

Yui Asaka is the only one who has never been in trouble, but in fact, something like this happened to her in the past.

In 1993, she left the agency that had nurtured her for eight years and became independent. The following year, her former agency filed a lawsuit against her with the Japan Music Industry Association, claiming that the photo book she had published was a breach of contract and demanding a ban on the use of her stage name “Asaka Yui.

In the end, she was not allowed to use her stage name, and the photo book was published under her real name, “Aki Kawasaki. Until the settlement four years after her independence, she was not allowed to perform at all.

The lives of these heroines have all been tumultuous.” It may be called the “curse of the Skeban detectives,” but all four, except Nakamura, who emigrated to the U.S. and married American men, are still active in show business.

One thing they all have in common is that they have always managed to bounce back even after falling down. We look forward to seeing Minamino’s resurrection as well, as she blows away the “curse.

  • PHOTO. Shinji Hamasaki (Yoko Minamino), Kazuhiko Nakamura (Yuki Saito)

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