Husband Candle Jun’s “accusation press conference”…Ryoko Hirosue can learn from Yuki Saito’s “open” apology press conference, which was a complete revival. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Husband Candle Jun’s “accusation press conference”…Ryoko Hirosue can learn from Yuki Saito’s “open” apology press conference, which was a complete revival.

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Her husband, Candle Jun, gave a press conference first. …… What about Ryoko Hirosue?

Ryoko Hirosue’s affair is still not going to stop – yet.

On June 18, her husband, Candle Jun, held a press conference. She expressed her anger at Shusaku Toba, owner and chef of the Michelin-starred French restaurant “sio,” with whom Ms. Hirosue had an affair,

When I saw his apology, all I could think of was anger. I may not be an adult, but…”

He revealed his anger.

In the Weekly Bunshun, the second scoop of the series, a photo of the “love letters” they had written to each other in their “exchange diary” was reported. The second scoop was a “love letter” they had written to each other in their “exchange diary” with photos.

In the “love letter” reported by Bunshun, she wrote, “This may be the first time I have fallen in love with someone by seriously confronting and seeking each other like this,” “Shusaku, I love you,” etc., and her infatuation with Chef Toba was revealed. I love you,” and so on. Some of the descriptions were quite graphic, including some that were suggestive of sexual matters.

Not only the fact of their “sleepover” at the hotel, but also their love letters, which only the two of them knew, were exposed to the public. This reminded me of the case of Yuki Saito, who was reported in 2005.

Not only was the affair reported, but later a photo of her boyfriend, a doctor, wearing underwear believed to belong to Ms. Saito was leaked, and like Ms. Hirosue, their rather embarrassing “private world” was exposed at that time as well.

The ripples of the affair are far from over. ……

In 1991, Mr. Saito was found to be having an affair with a married musician, Yutaka Ozaki, who was called a “charismatic figure among young people. In 1993, he was reported to have had an affair with Mayo Kawasaki, who also had a wife. At that time, Kawasaki’s apology press conference with his wife Kaya in attendance became a topic of conversation.

On the other hand, Ms. Hirosue has often caused a stir with scandals since she was a young woman.

In 2007, she was caught on Friday taking a cab from Nishiazabu, Tokyo to Shirahama, Chiba Prefecture, without paying for the fare. In addition to the pre-marital love affair, in 2002, a women’s magazine reported that she had allegedly had an affair with actor Takeru Sato.

(Sports newspaper reporter) “They are also similar in that they have been very active as actresses even after their marriage and childbirth. Ms. Saito, in particular, had temporarily cut back on her work to raise her children, but after resuming her entertainment activities in earnest, she was said to have “made a breakthrough again at the age of 50.

Then the affair scandal hit Saito.

She was found to have had a five-year affair with a doctor who had been a family friend. It was reported in women’s weekly magazines that the man divorced her because of the affair. In other words, Mr. Saito destroyed his partner’s family.

In response to the news, Mr. Saito held an apology press conference. I went to the press conference, and although she did not speak fluently or answer the questions to the point, I could see that she was trying to express her feelings in her own words. Then the reporter said to me

“Did you have feelings for him as a member of the opposite sex?”

I said, “Yes, I have feelings for her,

I think she did like me, so I think we hold hands or something like that.

He was thinking in a peculiar way, but “fell completely” into the trap.

The office was going to make an explanation for the disturbance, but not admit to the affair, which was the important thing. However, after she admitted that she had feelings for him and the other man revealed their relationship, the office later sent her a fax admitting the affair and apologizing.

Ms. Saito returned to acting in a special drama after a six-month period of self-restraint. Some people thought it was too short, but the agency thought she had purified herself by dropping the Taiga Drama and the commercials. She also returned to the “Investigation Section Chief” series in season 4, which aired in 2008, even though she was once removed from the series.

Mr. Saito’s return to the series is probably due in part to the power of his agency. Even if she appears in one or two dramas, if the public is not happy with her performance, she will not last long because sponsors will not be interested in her.

What was even more surprising was that she won the “32nd Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Award, 50s Category” in January 2009. Naturally, women are the main target audience when it comes to jewelry.

Looking at the numerous reports of infidelity, it seems that women are generally more disgusted than men. Nevertheless, the fact that the jewelry industry association chose Ms. Saito is a sign that the issue of her affair has been cleared up in the public’s mind.

I still think she made a good impression at her apology press conference,” said Mr. Saito. She was not eloquent, but her sincere attempt to talk about her feelings in her own way was accepted by the public. People cannot throw such harsh words at someone who is speaking sincerely and earnestly.

On the other hand, if you answer pompously but do not express your feelings, as Un-jash Watabe Ken did, you will not gain any persuasive power. I think scandalous entertainers can learn from her in the future.

Ms. Saito took the steps of holding an apology press conference, suspending her activities, and then resuming her activities six months later, and has successfully made a full recovery. I think the first step for Ms. Hirosue to make a comeback is to hold a press conference.

Moreover, since her husband, Candle, also held a press conference, if Ms. Hirosue does her best to explain her story without running away, I think there is a good chance that she will be able to create a public atmosphere of “it is okay to forgive her,” as was the case with Ms. Saito. The best “purification” would be to speak one’s mind without lying.

  • Interview and text by Norifumi Arakida (FRIDAY Digital Entertainment Desk)

    Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1975. Worked for an evening newspaper and a women's weekly before assuming his current position. Also appears on TV and radio.

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