Rina Yamamoto, an independent TV announcer, has already reached her limits, and she has made comments about petit plastic surgery. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rina Yamamoto, an independent TV announcer, has already reached her limits, and she has made comments about petit plastic surgery.

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Rina Yamamoto, who confessed to petit plastic surgery in her first appearance on another station after becoming independent. ……

Rina Yamamoto, 29, left TBS at the end of October. She belongs to “St. Force,” which should be called her “old home. Yamamoto was a member of Sprout, an affiliate of St. Force, for two years when she was at Aoyama Gakuin University.

During her time at Sprout, she appeared in a web commercial for Ministop with Maya Kobayashi, then a member of St. Force, and after joining TBS, she became an assistant on Sunday Japon, following Bakuho! It is true that he had high expectations, appearing mainly in variety shows, but it is said that there was a “pitfall” in that.

Perhaps he was misled by his many work with popular comedians such as “Bakusho Mondai” and “Neptune,” and assumed that he was in charge of variety programs, leading some of the staff to say, “Yamamoto is too light-hearted and slips up on things he shouldn’t say,” and “I cannot entrust him with news programs. Some of the staff members said, “Yamamoto’s mannerisms are too light and she slips up on things she shouldn’t say.

Nevertheless, St. Force has a number of married variety announcers, including Aika Kanda, Reina Sumi, and Hiromi Kawada, and Yamamoto is said to have received many offers to join them.

On November 8, she appeared on “Poka Poka” (Fuji TV), her first appearance on a program of another station, but suddenly,

I have a complex about my nose, so I had Botox done here.

The studio was abuzz. The studio was abuzz. The confession was greeted by social networking sites,

“I’m proud of my good looks.

“It’s just a story.

The studio was abuzz with comments such as, “I was worried about this, but it happened out of nowhere.

I feel like what I was worried about happened out of the blue. I admit that he did his best to put in a self-deprecating joke, but to be honest, I wasn’t into it at all. I don’t know if he didn’t really understand the flow of the program, but there was an air of confusion among the co-hosts.

I don’t think he can continue to do well with his frank character, so I think he should take a cue from the likes of Kasumi Mori and Akiko Kuji and develop a solid strategy.

Speaking of variety shows, another former TV Tokyo announcer who has been in demand recently is Kasumi Mori. She belongs to seju, the entertainment production division of influencer management company GROVE. The company is a new production label for girls who go beyond the boundaries of influencers and create new “cuteness,” and its first name is “Naenano. Why did Anna Mori join the company?

It’s probably because there are no rivals within the company. There is no doubt that St. Force is a treasure trove of freelance announcers, but there are too many talents in the company, and unless you have great ability and character, you will not get work.

But Ms. Mori is treated as a top talent at “seju. She makes full use of the advantages of her agency and frequently uploads images on SNS that are truly appropriate for the new “cute,” and each time she does so, she attracts a great deal of attention.

So, why should we take Kuji as a role model?

In March 2010, she married a man who works for a foreign-affiliated company and is said to earn tens of millions of yen a year, so she has no trouble making a living. Like Yamamoto, former Fuji Television announcer Kuji Akiko comes to mind as another female announcer who returned to her “old stomping ground” as a student and married a celebrity.

During her time at Fuji Television, Kuji lost her main role on “Mezamashi TV,” which she thought she would be next in line for, to Inoue Seika, a junior announcer. After that, she continued to appear on the show with an attitude of, ‘Why do I have to be on this show? In “Sanma’s Comedy Improvement Committee” (Fuji Television), in which she appeared with an attitude of “Why do I have to be in this program?” She cried when she was teased by the tongue-tied “Onigoe Tomahawk.

Although she was not growing as an announcer, she now belongs to “Incent,” a firm that is strong in the fashion industry, which she was also a member of when she was a student. And she is also the wife of Yuta Watanabe, an NMB (National Basketball Association) player. Just by uploading images of her fashionable daily life as a celebrity or a two-shot image of her and her husband, whose height difference stands out, on Instagram, she becomes an Internet news without omission. They are invited to talk variety shows just because of the buzz they generate.

I recommend that Yamamoto Announcers set a clear line of sight and proceed strategically like these women.

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