Rina Yamamoto also left… A freelance announcer from another station revealed the reason why female announcers are leaving one after another at TBS. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rina Yamamoto also left… A freelance announcer from another station revealed the reason why female announcers are leaving one after another at TBS.

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Rina Yamamoto as a reporter for “Sunday Japon” (May ’19)

On September 9, Rina Yamamoto, 29, an announcer at TBS, appeared live on TBS Radio’s “Saturday Morning 6am: Kinashi no Kai,” where she works as an assistant. where she works as an assistant, and reported again that she would be leaving the company at the end of October.

Yamamoto graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University and joined the station in April 2017. From January 2006 to March last year, she served as the seventh assistant for the Sunday morning information program “Sunday Japon (Sun Japo). Last March, just before graduating from the program, she married a man two years older than her who works for a foreign financial company. Recently, she acknowledged the reports of her departure from the program reported in some sports papers on her Instagram, and stated that she would continue to appear on “Job Tune,” “Hiruobi,” and other programs she is currently appearing on until she leaves.

He also said on his own Instagram that he would continue to appear on “Job Tune,” “Hiruobi,” and other programs until he leaves the company. In the past, Maya Kobayashi and Yuko Aoki left, followed by Minami Tanaka, Akiyo Yoshida, Misato Ugaki, and recently Yuri Sasagawa, who made an unusual transition from AD, Kaede Ito, and Announcer Yamamoto left the station.

Yamamoto Anna may not have decided to leave the company8 In early August, she was unable to return to Tokyo due to flight cancellations caused by typhoon No. 6 on Miyako Island during her vacation. He was forced to report from his hotel room there, and after returning to Tokyo, he was forced to work hard to make up for the hole. This may have contributed to his decision to leave the station.

Aoki, Tanaka, Ugaki, and others who had worked as assistants for “San Japo” left the station one after another. The reason for the departure of female TV announcers from other stations seems to be so obvious that it has been pointed out by female announcers from other stations. In a March 17, 2008 broadcast of TOKYO MX’s “5 o’clock! aired on March 17, 2008, former TV Tokyo freelance announcer Miho Ohashi (45) revealed the following.

She said, “All the programs are outsourced (i.e., outside freelance announcers). Miku Natsume (retired in September 2009) does the morning show, Chiaki Horan does the evening show, and Ayaka Ogawa does the evening show. The TBS girls I worked with on TV told me, ‘We don’t get the belt work.

Three and a half years have passed since that point was made. Currently, the morning program “THE TIME,” is anchored by Shinichiro Azumi (50), and the evening program “N STA” is anchored not only by Horan but also by Maonko Hibi (30), who joined the station in 2004. The evening “news23” will be renewed on September 25, with Ogawa serving as the main anchor from Monday to Thursday, and Erika Yamamoto (29), who is the same age as Hibi, will be appointed on Fridays. It seems to be somewhat improved from the time Ohashi pointed out. ……

The current situation is that Ai Eto, who joined the station in 2009 and is Tanaka’s classmate, is “unbeatable” in everything from news, sports, and variety shows. Even though she is already busy, this summer, she was even loaned out to the World Championships in Athletics and the Asian Games. There are concerns within the station about her health, asking, “Isn’t it time for her to start overworking?

However, the current situation is that Eto’s juniors are not growing up well. Therefore, there has been a move to gradually give a bigger role to Hibi and Yamamoto, who joined the station in the same year, in order to nurture them. It was announced at the recent October reorganization that Hibi, who is a big drinker, will join BS-TBS’s “Onna Sake Bar Houki” as a new regular, having previously appeared on the show and been well received. It is quite unusual for her to be involved in both a news program and a show where she enjoys drinking. The development of a post-Eto announcer is a major issue, and I hope that Hibi will grow in a different direction from Eto.

TBS is currently struggling with the thinness of its female announcer pool, but it is possible that in the future some female announcers will suddenly awaken by being appointed to important posts.

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