A moving company specializing in flyby-night arranger reveals the “surprising reasons for moonlight flit. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A moving company specializing in flyby-night arranger reveals the “surprising reasons for moonlight flit.

100% success rate, completed in as little as 15 minutes! A woman who was chased by her husband's moral harassment and stalker for 55 years. ...... Actually, 80% of the troubles are caused by "relatives.

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The scene of a woman in her twenties who had been subjected to domestic violence by her boyfriend and fled at night. Sometimes the woman decides to flee at night on the same day she receives the consultation.

The image of a night flight as a debt is strong, but 80% of our clients are victims of domestic troubles such as moral harassment. One of the strengths of our company is that most of our staff members are people who once asked us to help them escape at night. Because they have been there, they understand how the client feels and know what is difficult in a night flight. We have a 100% success rate, and in some cases we can complete a nighttime escape in as little as 15 minutes.

That’s what Mr. S, the representative of TSC, a moving company specializing in nighttime escapes, told me. Ms. S., the representative of “TSC,” a moving company specializing in night fleeing, said that she started the company after her own experience of fleeing at night when she was in her thirties after being violated by her boyfriend. She is an expert in over 100 cases a year, helping clients with problems such as moral harassment, domestic violence, and stalking to escape from their “miserable lives.

He says, “There are three rules to running away at night. There are three rules to running away at night: 1) you must have an unshakable will to run away, 2) you must tell the police station in advance that you are going to run away at night, and 3) you must leave a letter stating your intention to run away. (2) and (3) are to avoid being mistaken for a missing person.

In this article, I will introduce three of the most shocking cases that Mr. S has handled in recent years.

One day my son will kill my husband.

The client was a housewife in her 40s. Her son had been violent with her husband on a daily basis since he was a child. The wife herself had never had anything done to her, but she pretended to ignore it. However, her son stood still and endured the violence, and decided that he would do it back when he grew up. By the time he was in high school, he had taken up martial arts and was preparing for revenge. His wife decided to run away at night, saying, “I can’t let my son become a murderer. When her husband was away from home during the day for work, she moved the family’s belongings into a truck and fled with the mother and son.

Her ex-boyfriend became a perverted stalker

The client, a woman in her 20s, was suffering from persistent harassment from her ex-boyfriend. She even found another woman’s underwear in her mailbox and semen on her door. I took only the bare minimum of my belongings and decided to go that day when the consultation came, but my ex-boyfriend got the idea. When I checked the getaway truck, I found that it had a transmitter attached to it. I pretended not to notice the transmitter and attached it to a long-distance truck bound for Kagoshima at a highway service area. I managed to outsmart my ex-boyfriend. I managed to outsmart my ex-boyfriend, and my client started her life in a new place.

55 Years of Moral Harassment

I once had a client who cried out to me, “I want to free my 75-year-old mother from my father. The client was her daughter. Her mother had an arranged marriage when she was 20 years old, but the family she married into was patriarchal, and she lived her life as a servant, even letting her father wear her socks. One day, the daughter saw her mother in front of the mirror and asked, “Who is this person? One day, the daughter saw her mother looking at the mirror and asking, “Who is this person? She didn’t even have time to look in the mirror because of housework, and she couldn’t put on makeup because it would make her look like she was having an affair, so she forgot what she looked like. At home, I was only called “Hey, you” and I couldn’t even remember my own name. On the day of the move, he kept saying things like, “I have to make dinner,” so I carried his daughter and mother and took them out to the new house by myself.

Mr. S said that the number of requests for night escapes has been increasing over the past ten years.

Mr. S. analyzes the reasons for the increase: “The spirit of mutual help with neighbors that we used to have has become weaker, and the spread of the Internet and widening disparities have led to an increase in the number of people suffering from mental illness. Depressed feelings are dissipated in the small group of the family. We need to function as a “last lifeline” to help people with such problems.

Today, TSC is still working hard to rescue distressed clients in the dark.

Mr. S, a representative of TSC. Mr. S, the representative of “TSC,” has his own experience of fleeing at night after being attacked by a boyfriend. He also provides employment and aftercare services for his clients.
A leftover letter actually written by a client. She decided to run away at night because of her husband’s moral harassment and abuse of her child, and left home with her 1.5-year-old child.
The client’s belongings being carried into the truck. When she fled at night, she posed as an acquaintance and told her neighbors that she had taken over their furniture.

From the December 3, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Courtesy of TSC, Shinji Hamasaki (2nd photo)

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